Friendly Reminder

Remember to make the most of the last day of the Fairy Friendship Festival! This is your last chance to earn the 2012 Fairy Friendship Festival badge. Kit’s posted helpful directions if you’re unsure how! Plus, now’s the time to purchase any friendship bracelet and necklace Gift Sets you were planning to send at the Pixie Post Office. They’re the pixie perfect way to bring a smile to a Fairy friend’s face!

On Thursday, the party will come to an end and we’ll start preparing for spring. I can’t believe winter’s winding down already! What’s been the highlight of the season for you?

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: The Friendship Festival is always the highlight for me! And this year’s new Pixie Post Office makes it even more flitterific! Can’t wait to see what we are doing this spring and for Silly Days! And what about the mermaids?
A: I so hope we see the mermaids again this spring. Keep your wings crossed!

Q: Will the friendship items in the Pixie Post Office go away after the Friendship Festival? (Question submitted by one of my blog’s readers – Octavia!  🙂  )
A: The friendship Gift Sets have been such a hit that Shopkeeper Spring is going to keep selling them in the Pixie Post Office for a while longer. Spring also let slip that she’ll be adding a few new Gift Sets in March. I wonder what they’ll be?!

Q: My favorite part of winter was seeing the winter meadows all dark and decorated in lights. It would be nice if there was a meadow that stayed dark all the time. I think our firefly friends would love it.
A: I love your idea! The darkened meadows are such a pretty sight!
*Additional Comment – I think a night-time meadow would be flitterific! Think of all the nocturnal animals for the animal talents: and plants ( garden talents ), and light talents could really glow and show their stuff! Water talents, did you know some fish and plankton glow, too? Please consider this, Never Council!

Q: What events are going to be coming soon?
A: Next up is spring! Getting ready for the new season will keep us pixies busy for a while. Everybody’s going to need to pitch in!

Q: Is that event where you leave the cookie tray out overnight still going? And will the clothes at the Pixie Post Office change just like at Zephyr’s and Summit Style?
A: Unfortunately, you can no longer get a Silly Sweet for leaving a Tray of Cookies in your home, because Sweet Week is over. And, yes! The Pixie Post Office will have a few new fashions for March!

Q: Sweet Pea, are you ready for spring?
A: Almost ready! On Thursday, I’m going to talk here on the Never News about getting ready for spring. I hope you’ll fly back to find out how you can help!

Q: I realized the Pixie Post Office is a mailbox…a mailbox donated by J. M. Barrie, the same man who wrote Peter Pan!!!! How cool is that???
A: Way to figure out where the Pixie Post Office mailbox came from!


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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty certain the outfits the fairies are wearing in the photo will be some of the new additions to the post office next month. I really like the skirt the fairy in the middle and on the fair right-hand side are wearing. The tops are cute, too  🙂  What are your thoughts?


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