Lend a Wing for Spring

You know, Fairy friends, it seems like something always goes wrong with spring’s arrival. Last year there was a drought, and before that Pixie Hollow flooded. But not this year! This year, we’re going to change our luck!

Rosetta’s come up with a plant-tastic plan! She’s asking all of us pixies to pitch in and help the garden-talents plant lucky clovers and other seeds. Will you help? There are flower bulbs for everybody to plant in Dewdrop Vale, Neverberry Thicket, and Springtime Orchard. And Rosetta has a new quest for Members – fly to Rosetta’s Garden to go on her Lucky Seeds for Spring Quest and earn your Seeds for Spring badge!

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: I was wondering if the hats you’re wearing were going to come back in stores?
A: You can look for the plant-tastic hats that Ro and I are wearing to come back to stores as part of the March shop collections.

Q: I did the quest already! loved it! I also went and saw the baby bulbs to plant for spring! They’re so adorable!  🙂 
A: I agree, the baby bulbs are so cute wiggling themselves into the ground for spring!

Q: Will everyone get a hat like the one you and Rosetta wearing? When does preparing for spring start?
A: The spring preparations start. . . NOW! You can plant flower bulbs in the meadows and go on Rosetta’s quest for Members to help the garden-talents get ready. You’ll be able to buy the hats in March when the new shop collections arrive!

Q: I was looking in my badges for spring 2010 and the Golden Clover Collector says I can still complete it. How is that if that was two springs ago??? How long will this event last?
A: Once you start a quest in Pixie Hollow, you can finish it, even if the event is over. You have until March 5 to start Rosetta’s Lucky Seeds for Spring Quest.

Q: Sweet Pea, I was wondering, will this spring start off with a fashion contest?
A: Last year’s Spring Fashion Design Contest was so popular that I’m sure there will be another contest like that sometime in the future. Keep checking back!

Q: When will the Ballroom be back open?
A: If everything goes smoothly, the Ballroom will open again for spring’s arrival and the Minister of Spring’s visits on March 21.


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I’m really bummed that the new quest is only for Members  😦

Isn’t it crazy that there have been two huge disasters right before Spring the last two years? I hope that has nothing to do with me…  😉 



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