March Fashion Sneak Peek

Hey, Fairy fashionistas! Get ready to change up your winter wardrobes, because the March fashion forecast is calling for springy garden styles with a 100% chance of clovers and rainbows. We can also look forward to more to-fly-for Gift Sets at the Pixie Post Office, including this plant-tastic Curcuma Dress!

And if flashy and fast-flying are more your speed, then you’ll love what’s coming to Fairy Tale Theater and Cassie’s Costume Shop next. All of these new shop collections arrive one week from today on Tuesday, March 6. Some items will be retiring to make way for the new collections, including items from the Pixie Post Office, Gale’s, and Ember’s. So if you’ve had your eye on something in particular, be sure to get it before Tuesday!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: That Curcuma ensemble is to fly for! Darling shoes! (What is a Curcuma anyway?)
A: Curcumas are beautiful plants. This dress is actually fashioned from Curcuma flower petals!

*Since Marina wasn’t very descriptive, here are a couple pictures of the Curcuma flower – which is very beautiful:

Q: I was just in the Hollow and flew by the post office. I was wondering which of these lovely collections are retiring, as they all say “Available Now” and don’t show a retire date. Please let me know, so I can make sure to pick up what I need.
A: You’ll want to make sure to pick up the Tink, Fawn, and Iridessa outfits before Tuesday. Then fly back on Tuesday for new to-fly-for Gift Sets!

Q: Cant wait to see you going around that day as well, Marina! Hope I can show off my new outfit to you!
A: I’ll be flying in to pick Fairies for my March Fashion Spotlight on the Thursday after the new shop collections come out. Stay tuned to the Never News to find out when and where to meet me. Fly with you later!


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I am SOOOOO excited!!!!!! The dress in the sneak peek is one of dresses from the Pixie Post Office that we wrote in and asked the Never Council to make available for us!!!!!!

See, our voices can be heard if we stick together  😉  Great job, pixie pals!

I’m just wondering if any of the other dresses will be available in the new collections…Either way, I need to level up a little faster to get more diamonds so I can afford this gorgeous dress!!!  😉 

How excited are you for the new March fashions?!?


5 responses to this post.

  1. I noticed that too! YAY 😀
    Our voices can be heard, and I think that they have the ability to make changes pretty fast, too! I think we should start blogging about the new arrival basics and talent games and event quests soon. Maybe if we try hard enough, they’ll change that too! And congrats on getting level 7…one night I got all the way to level 6 and I just gave up cause it’s tedious work to get levels since we can’t do quests and play higher levels of games. Why can’t we do the talent quests?! Ugh. Non-members shouldn’t do the regular member quests, because they deserve at least that, but I wish sometimes we could do event quests and talent skill quests 😦
    I am extremely excited. Those shoes are to FLY for, and the skirt is pretty cute too! I am totally buying it, forget an animal friend, I am rewarding myself for writing to the Never Council and changing Pixie Hollow for the better!!


    • I noticed something else while I was trying to level up yesterday – All fairies can play the Ministers’ games EXCEPT the Minister of Summer’s game! What gives?!? I know that game came later to the Hollow, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a Member-only game. Gesh!

      I definitely agree that we should blog about what we’re writing to the Never Council about to get the word out and get as many people as possible sending emails to them. I’m working on the Arrival Basics right now.

      That’s sad that you’re not getting your animal friend that you’ve been saving diamonds for…but I have to agree that the dress is so beautiful that it’s worth it 😉


  2. I saw that you were the first comment today, cool!
    And yes, as soon as Spring starts I am blogging about it and writing to the Never Council. I am a little more confident that we have a voice.
    Yeah, and we can get previews of the member-only games but we don’t get ingredients for helping like that…what gives?!
    Yup, the dress sure is beautiful..I’m dying it red or pink…Raspberry Pink… 😀


  3. Posted by cloveroaksprout on March 8, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    No problem Marigold! Your blog is very helpful, so I’m glad to help! I’m saving up for the wysteria purple pumpkin bodice, so maybe if you come across some more diamonds, you can get me back sometime. I’ll meet you tomorrow at the time and place you mentioned above.

    Can you help me out with something else? I read on your recent blog post March Fashion Sneak Peek ( that certain outfits were retiring in the post office. How did you know this as they all indicated “Available” ?


    • Well, I’m not a fortune teller, but I am very observant and have fairy friends with sharp eyes 😉

      Marina mentioned in one of her comments which outfits would be retiring, so I posted that news on here for all my fashionable readers 😀


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