Talent Level 7!

After getting to Talent Level 6 rather quickly, I decided to visit the Minister of Spring’s Seed Sorter game to get myself in the mood for spring  🙂  I lost track of how many times I played, but I’m really good at sorting seeds (bonus points and perfect scores every time), so I was getting 40 talent points each time I played. Not bad for a non-Member, but I still wish I could play on levels higher than “Easy” to rack-up the points faster…

Before I knew it, I had 600 points and was at Talent Level 7!

I had forgotten that reaching level 7 meant I had to go see Terence and Rosetta! After what happened last time, I wasn’t totally looking forward to it…but I’ll never turn down a chance to see Terence  😉 

Unlike times before, I completely focused on Rosetta and tried to look as excited and serious as I could. I mean, of course it’s my goal to become a Garden-Talent Master, but it’s going to take me ages at this rate!

You’ll be so proud, I managed to keep my composer this time when Terence talked to me. I said, “Awesome!” and “Thank you!” when he gave me the new Pixie Dust Jar (although it looks more like a bowl than a jar).

As I was admiring the “jar”, Terence then said:

WHAT?!?!?!?!? He’s back on his Member kick again?!? I could have screamed! He and Rosetta were watching me very carefully (because of my reaction the last time he said this), so I tried to play it cool and said, “Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know, Terence.”

They seemed pleased with my reaction, and Rosetta then flew up and said:

I asked, “Really? Will there actually be a quest for me???”

Rosetta either didn’t hear me or completely ignored me, because she said she had to collect petals and Terence said he had pixie dust deliveries to make, and they flew out the mill so fast that you would have thought the Ballroom was on fire! (On a sidenote, Terence did say, “Later, Marigold Sunjewel!” as he flew away.)

So, to see if Rosetta was telling the truth, I flew straight to Cherryblossom Heights to see if this Talent Skill Quest was REALLY available:

Yeah, just like I thought  😦

To try to cheer myself up, I then flew to Neverberry Thicket to try my new skill MOVE:

Pretty cool, huh?  😉  My goal right now is to try to get to Talent Level 8 before March 6th so I will get 3 more Pixie Diamonds  🙂 

What are you doing to prepare for the new items being released next week?

By the way, happy Leap Day!!!  😀



3 responses to this post.

  1. That’s sweet that you made it to level 7! I really need to work harder at leveling up… 😛


  2. Marigold, what do you do to level up so fast? I’m still on level 6 and I’m sick of repeating games over and over and over again and I suck at party games. Make a post on how to level up faster, please!


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