Feisty Fairies

Hey, pixie pals! As promised, I’m back for the March installment of “What Heron Heard”! (Sorry that there are no pictures. I promise to have some for my next post.)

I don’t know how many of you are Animal-Talents out there in reader-land, but winter into spring time is nearly as hectic as fall into winter! Many animals will be coming out of hibernation in the Never Woods, birds will be migrating back from the tropics, and everyone’s panicking that there will be another disaster right before Spring gets here (like the last two years in the Hollow), so Fawn has us getting prepared for about any scenario. All I can say is that I wish Spring would get here already, because I’m beat!  😦 

I was reading through Marigold’s blog and fairies’ comments from the last few weeks, and everyone seems to be obsessed with clothes! Aren’t there more important things to use your diamonds on? Girls! :shakes head: I do have to congratulate those who helped Marigold convince the Never Council to release the clothes at the post office, though. I kept telling her they would never listen to her, but they did! I was totally floored! Yes, I’ll admit I was wrong, but just this once  😉 

Speaking of girls, Marigold told me I need to tone down talking about who I’m dating and “other girl nonsense.” Hey, it’s what’s going on in my life, so why shouldn’t I talk about it? Don’t you want a fresh prospective from time to time to see how life is from a sparrow man’s point of view? I say, lay off and let me be myself  😛

I’ll keep the sharing about girls short and sweet this time, all right? When Bobbin kept refusing to go on a date with me, I went on a date with another fairy to make her jealous…and it worked! Well, sort of. Bobbin told me that she likes me but doesn’t really want to be in a “relationship” right now, so we’ve just been hanging out and gathering together when we can. I really like her, so I’m willing to take things slow to keep her happy  😀 

I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but fairies have been very feisty lately! It’s like some fairies are randomly picking on other fairies just to cause problems and make a scene. And for what? Are they trying to earn the “Jerk of the Day” badge??? Why can’t we all just be friends? Or (at the very least) be tolerable of others? Just today, I was chillin in Havendish when a fairy (named Rose) came out of nowhere and told another fairy (named Helen) that she was a “creeper”. Helen was really confused and asked Rose to explain, but Rose eventually said she was just joking and flew off. Some girls are totally weird  o_0

Back to the topic about Pixie Diamonds, I was going to save mine to get a pet (for obvious reasons), but I’m so crazy busy that I’m afraid I won’t have enough time to devote to my little winged friend  😦  I believe one reader was thinking about getting a pet until the whole dress thing blew up, so I don’t know who to turn to for help. Do any of you readers have a pet? If so, how much time and dedication do you personally put in to keep them happy and healthy?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll try to post again before April, but I can’t make any promises since it’s hard enough posting once a month. Fly with you later, pixies  🙂 



4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m thinking of getting a pet! I would totally have enough diamonds by now, if I didn’t spend my diamonds on clothes and stuff earlier. And I would like to buy the new Curcurma dress, but I’ll probably buy it before I buy a pet because, I can always buy a pet because they will always be there, but the dress will be gone in like a month.
    I’m still saving for a dragonfly because I like the dyes that come with it if you get one because you can get those in the meadows.
    What else is there to talk about besides fashion? There are no events going on and the quest is only for members and nothing is happening!


    • That’s sweet that you also want to get a pet! 🙂 A dragonfly is a great choice, too. I like them much better than lady bugs 😛

      I so know what you mean about nothing going on in the Hollow for us non-members. I just mainly fly around and chat with groups of pixies hanging out in Havendish, but even that gets old sometimes.


  2. Posted by cloveroaksprout on March 5, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    I am a member and I have a pet. They are awesome because they bring you 2 presents a day, including ingredients, pet beds, toys, and even a few decoration items from time to time. Now that my pet is older (almost all grown up!), Sparkshine brings me at least 3 silly sweets a day! I didn’t know this would happen and it is the best part of having a pet.

    In order to keep your pet low-maintainence, it is best to feed it once a day. If you do this consistently, your pet will get sick only rarely and you may not even have to play games with it too often to keep it happy. However, the more days you miss, the more likely it is your pet will get sick. Your pet won’t deliver little gifts if it is hungry, sick, or unhappy. Playing games isn’t so bad, but it’s the same game over and over, so they get a little boring after awhile so I try to avoid them.

    From what I understand, each pet comes eats different ingredients and plays a different game. You also earn a different badge for each kind of pet. I have had a pet for months now and it will probably still be months before I’m able to release him. They take a long time to grow up!


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