Clover Chaos!

I woke up this morning to see this urgent message:

Pixie Hollow can never seem to avoid some sort of pre-Spring disaster  😛

I went to visit Fawn right away, but as I was flying there, this is what I saw from above:

Yes, that’s clover all over the Spring meadows! While it’s very pretty, it’s also incredibly concealing. I flew into countless fairies while trying to get out of the Spring meadows just because we couldn’t see one another!

The quest from Fawn is of course for Members only (go figure), so I decided to fly into Beck’s Animal Nursery and find out how many baby animals were missing:

There were definitely more missing than I thought! Beck was completely hysterical when I got there, so I tried to count how many babies were missing and assured her I would try to help…

I started flying around the Spring meadows looking for the missing animals, and I couldn’t believe how crazy the clover had grown – especially this far up the trees! I knew they shouldn’t have had all those Members plant clover seeds! Talk about a Clover Days disaster!


Since I’m not a Member (or an Animal-Talent or that matter), I feel helpless! While I try to figure out a way to stop the clover from growing with my Mentor Rosetta, can all the Members out there please help find the missing animals??? Please let me know if you find them!


So you know how all of us pixies pitched in and planted lots and lots of clover seeds to bring luck to spring? Well, it looks like we may have gotten a little carried away. . . The spring meadows are completely covered with clovers! It’s chaos!!

Now some of the baby animals are missing from Beck’s Animal Nursery! They must have gotten lost in the clover overgrowth. Will you help find them?? Fly to Fawn’s Hideout in Maple Tree Hill to go on her Baby Critter Rescue Quest for Members and earn a special badge for your heroic efforts! Plus, be sure to check the Event Calendar today, because the Lucky Clovers are visiting Springtime Orchard this afternoon!

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: Last week it was mentioned in the news that the Post Office and Gale’s and Ember’s shops were to have new clothes today. What happened? Please answer what new date can we look forward to the new items in those shops? Especially the cute ruffled dress shown last week!
A: The new shop collections are still coming out today and will be arriving shortly. In the meantime, check out the flashy new fast-flying fashions at Cassie’s Costumes!


To read the original post from Sweet Pea and all comments, click here.


At least I’m not the only impatient fairy waiting for the gorgeous Curcuma Dress to arrive  😉  What’s taking so long?!?!



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