Spring Celebration 2012

Spring Celebration (3/20/2012 through 4/2/2012)

We got a tad bit carried away trying to bring luck to spring, and now the Spring Meadows are completely covered in lucky clovers! Oops! Luckily, Rosetta promises that the garden-talents will have all the clovers cleaned up in time for spring’s arrival in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, Fawn has a critterific quest for Members and the Lucky Clovers have lots of clover-tastic activities for everybody to do on the Event Calendar.

On March 20, the Minister of Spring will officially welcome the new season in the beautifully decorated Ballroom! Members, be sure to check the Event Calendar for his visits, because he will be bringing an exclusive gift to thank us for helping with spring! Plus, all Fairies will get to join the Golden Clover Hunt – 10 golden clovers will be hidden in the Spring Meadows, and there’ll be a a special badge for finding all of them! Spring will also bring new Seasonal Bunch Gathering badges to earn and flitterific seasonal dyes to buy at Daisy’s Dyes Shop!

Sweet Pea


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How awesome is it that ALL FAIRIES get to participate in the Golden Clover Hunt?!?! I’m totally excited now  😀



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  1. We haven’t had a scavenger hunt in such a long time!Oh my god, this is turning out to be the best spring ever! See, they DO listen to us! 😀


  2. Hey!


  3. Just FYI, all the pixie diamonds you can get in pixie hollow (for free, by completing talent levels) adds up to a grand total of… 72 DIAMONDS! Holy guacomole!!!


    • 72 is a lot of diamonds! I never did the math, so thanks for sharing 🙂 If only it didn’t take so LONG for non-Members like me to level up…It sucks, but free diamonds are free diamonds 😉


  4. i can’t find any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you show pics of where they are?


  5. You can get the diamonds by playing games to level up. Sadly, not all the levels get you diamonds, but more than half of them do…


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