Shop Spring Styles

New fashions for spring are out now! Some of my favorites are the plant-tastic Curcuma and Pansy Gift Sets at the Pixie Post Office and the three new community-inspired outfits at Gale’s. Plus, the Pixie Post Office now has glasses for both Fairies and Sparrow Men! How splashtastic are these shades that Slate sent me?!

I’ll be looking for Fairies for my March Fashion Spotlight today (March 8th). Put together a springy outfit with the new shop collections (be sure to mix & match and use dyes!) and meet me around 2 PM Pixie Standard Time in Springtime Orchard on Hidden Ridge server. Then check back next week to see my picks!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: Post office gifts should say who they’re from in our leaf journals, too, like how certain items like quest or personal-tailored stuff say made by Tink. I got a friendship bracelet, but now I can’t remember the name of the fairy who gave it to me because she’s doesn’t fly very often.
A: A reminder of who sent you a gift would be very helpful. Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion!


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I’m not sure if this was a feature before or not once the Pixie Post Office opened, but I read in the forums that being able to send gifts to sparrow men and vice versa is new! Obviously, fairies can’t send sparrow men clothes and accessories that only fairies can wear, but at least they’re making progress  😉

I couldn’t make it out to meet Marina for the Fashion Spotlight since it was such short notice, but here’s a screen shot from forum fairy Joy Firefly of the chaos that ensued:

Good luck to all fairies who were there to get Marina’s attention!  😀



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