Lucky Clovers

Have you met the Lucky Clovers yet? These festive Pixie Pals are helping bring luck to spring with fun activities in the Spring Meadows. This weekend, join the Lucky Clovers for the Lucky Clover Dance on Saturday and Rainbow Round-Up on Sunday. And keep your eyes out for ninjas during their visits, as several ninja sightings have already been reported. How very odd for Pixie Hollow!

With so much luck on our side, spring is sure to arrive next Tuesday! Remember to earn your Winter 2011 Seasonal Bunch Gathering badges and help Fawn rescue the lost baby animals on her quest for Members before then. Also, if you’ve been having trouble whispering to your friends in Pixie Hollow, the Known Issue that Kit just posted may help you fix the problem.

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


Q: When are the Lucky Clovers coming and what are their names?
A: The Lucky Clovers will be back again this weekend! To find out when, check the Event Calendar:

Plus, you can see the Lucky Clovers’ names and visit their Pixie Pages here:

Q: Splashing raindrops! Ninjas are afoot? I hope they’re not in for ANOTHER Springtime Assault!
A: I sure hope so too! Luckily, these pixie ninjas seem pretty harmless.


To read the original post and all comments, click here.


Pixie Ninjas?!?!? What next, Pixie Aliens???? Gesh  😛

Apparently, the ninjas may have been in the Hollow before, but I don’t know for sure since I’ve never seen or heard of them. I’m checking in with the forum fairies to find out for sure. I’ll post any updates once I hear from them.

By the way, Spring beings one week from today!  😀  I know that makes me happy!



Here are some responses from the Forum Fairies concerning the whole ninja thing:

Rill Wildspirit: “Ninjas? That is just about the last thing I ever would have expected to see in Pixie Hollow. I will try to keep an open mind, maybe it will be fun.”

 Twilight: “When I read the news about ninjas I was like….what?huh? I saw the lucky clovers few a few seconds to collect the silly sweets, and I never saw any ninjas. That makes no sense for PH, a place of magic and pixie dust.”

Indigo Glitterflower:  “I don’t think Ninjas are related to Pixie Hollow… in no way possible. And I’m not really sure that I like what the Hollow is turning into lately.”

Onionleaf: “Whaat? I’m sorry, but I don’t see any relation between the words spring” & “clovers”, and “ninjas”. How random could they get? This is not the Pixie Hollow I know, lol.”

Emerald Mistyweather: “*sigh* First racing outfits that look straight out of Nascar (nothing against racing on the Mainland, but those outfits in the Hollow made my eyes roll), then there were skis with ski poles (we do have wings that allow us to zip through the air quite fast), then all the crazy ‘rocker’ outfits with electric accessories and now ninjas? Really? O Where, O Where has my lovely Hollow gone? O Where, O Where could it be?”

Sapphire Sweetfeather: “I looked through all the Lucky Clovers and it seems Lucky Clover Banjo is the Ninja in question…. I guess we will see how it pans out.”

I’m not sure what to make of the ninjas either, but it definitely has nothing to do with Pixie Hollow!

I’d love to hear what you think  🙂  Leave me a comment below.



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