March Fashion Spotlight

Last week, I flew to Springtime Orchard to look for Fairies for my Fashion Spotlight. Pixie hugs to all of the flitterific Fairies I met! Crystal Glittergem, Ella Purplepetal, Isabelle Roseheart, Pearl Flutterdust, Misty, Lotuspetal, Sam, and Mia caught my eye with their colorful outfits, and all of you looked so spring-ready. That’s a good thing, because spring arrives this Tuesday!

Plus, a special shout-out to the fast-flying fashionistas! I took a few snapshots from the Fast-Flying Hangout in Fairy Tale Theater here.

If you haven’t yet, speed straight to Cassie’s Costumes to get a fast-flying outfit of your own!

See ya ’round the waterfall!



Q: Will some of those outfits be in stores?
A: You can get a look similar to what these pixies are wearing by mixing and matching what’s in shops and using dyes. You can also buy an outfit inspired by Fairy fashionistas we’ve seen around the Hollow at Gale’s Shop. Who knows, maybe one of these outfits will show up in Gale’s Shop next!


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I’m cool with Marina picking eight pixies to showcase in the fashion spotlight, but I really don’t like how small the fairies are in the picture! I can hardly see what the two light-talent fairies are wearing in the back  😦  (And, no, blowing up the picture just pixellates it.)

Maybe the pixies chosen should be showcased individually instead of in a group so we can see exactly what they’re wearing. I mean, isn’t that what is this all about? Taking current fashions and mixing them up with dyes and other items from past seasons??? So irritating.

Anyway, I love that three of the eight fairies picked were wearing the Curcuma Dress  😀  I can’t decide which color combination I like best, but I must say that the fairy who looks like she could be Tinker Bell’s sister did an excellent job with her entire outfit! Matching the dress with Tink’s hat turned out to be an awesome combination  🙂 

All eight pixies featured did a great job! And don’t feel bad if you didn’t get picked – there’s always next month  😉 



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Clover Oaksprout on March 15, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    I haven’t been too impressed with the fast flying fashions, but thought the fairy in candy blue did a great job. I modified her style a bit for my own outfit – check it out it my profile! Also, does anyone know which blouse the fairy with the white top is wearing?


    • I totally agree! The fairy in Candy Blue really took the time to put her entire look together, and it obviously paid off 😉

      Love your new outfit, Clover! The colors look great together 😀


    • Posted by loneriver on March 22, 2012 at 11:53 am

      Clover, I believe the fairy with the white top is wearing the Fast-Flying Jacket (dyed white, of course).


  2. On average, you will earn one Pixie Diamond for every 451 Talent Points. I guess I’m not going to be getting that pet I want anytime soon…
    ~Ozma00, the mathematician


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