Rainbow-ify Your Home

Calling all creative pixies! In honor of spring, we want to see your prettiest rainbow-themed Fairy Homes! To enter, set up a colorful rainbow scene in your home and invite your Fairy friends over. Then take a snapshot (instructions here) and submit it to the Share Your Creativity Page. We’ll feature a few of our favorite snapshots next week, and the featured Fairies will receive the Flitterific Home Design badge!

Speaking of rainbows, remember to unlock the Rainbow Trail Silly Sweet for personal baking at Dulcie’s Kitchen before April 3!

Keep it dusty!



Q: Does this mean we need to make a rainbow in our home or just make our home colorful like a rainbow?
A: We’re looking for colorful rainbow scenes. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

Q: Cool! But do we have to invite our fairy friends over? Because sometimes my friends aren’t on or they’re busy with something else.
A: You totally don’t have to, but it could be fun to get your Fairy friends’ help with your rainbow home!

Q: How long are the clouds and rainbows gonna stay in the meadows?
A: We get to enjoy the rainbows all the way through the end of the Spring Celebration on April 2. The light-talents sure did a shimmerific job with them, didn’t they?

Q: Any chance the April calendar will go up soon? I really want to see what’s on there about Silly Days!
A: April is just a few flaps away, so the April Calendar will be arriving soon too. Keep checking back!

Q: I’ve heard of the Silly Days and Mermaid Grotto…so when or will it come?
A: A little starfish told me that Silly Days and Mermaid Grotto will return later in April.


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I obviously can’t participate in this contest, but I love the idea of rainbow-themed homes for spring  😀 

If any of my readers want to enter their home and need fairy friends to fill it for the screenshot, leave a comment below and maybe we can plan a day and time for all or some of us to meet  🙂 

 Happy Spring, everyone!  😀


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