Spring has Sprung!

We did it, pixies! Spring is officially here! A big “thanks” to everybody who planted clovers for luck and rescued the lost baby animals. Now, let the Golden Clover Hunt begin! There are 10 golden clovers hidden throughout the Spring Meadows. Find them all and earn your 2012 Golden Clover badge!

And look at what Rosetta and the garden-talents did with some of the extra clovers – it’s a Bell Jar Bouquet! Members, fly to the Ballroom to pick up this special gift for your Fairy Home. The Minister of Spring also has a clover-tastic gift for us Fairies. Check the Event Calendar to see when to meet him in the Ballroom!

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


Q: I wish there was a golden clover dress wouldn’t that be sweet?
A: Wow! A golden clover dress would be totally to-fly-for!

Q: Could give me a heads up on when summer will start?
A: Summer arrives on June 21 this year.

Q: I have some suggestions to add to the pixie post office. I would like to see Lyria’s outfit
there and her hairstyle in Shelly’s Salon.
A: Love your ideas! Lyria’s outfit would make a flitterific addition to the Post Office.

Q:  I’m just about to go out and find those golden clovers. Are they tricky to find?
A: You’ll have to search for the Golden Clovers a bit, but it’s so fun when you find them! Here a hint: There are two Golden Clovers to find in each Spring meadow.

Q:  Is Mermaid Grotto coming back this year?
A: A little starfish told me that Mermaid Grotto will be coming back later this April — I can’t wait!


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 I’m off to collect Golden Clovers  😉 

Are you excited that Mermaid Grotto is coming back?!? I’m super excited to see what new fashions next month will bring to prepare for the grotto’s opening  😀 



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