April 2012 Events

The April Events Calendar was just released a few minutes ago, so I wanted to share the exciting news a.s.a.p.:

Once the Lucky Clovers leave on March 31st, the Merfairies will be featured on the Pixie Pals page.

I am so excited for April…but I don’t want to get too excited if the Never Dove Egg Hunt, Silly Days, and Mermaid Grotto are only for Members…

I’ll have to enlist Vanillabelle for another special edition of Mix & Match to give everyone ideas for what to wear to the Merfairy Ball  😉 

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know  🙂 



6 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, Marigold, I have recently noticed your “Other Pixie’s pages” tab in your blog and wanted to know if you would add my blog to that list. I am a new blogger and am so excited to be sharing my knowledge with the world!
    Huge fan,


  2. Would you add my blog, twilightfairylove.wordpress.com, to your OTHER PIXIE PAGES tab in your blog? i am new at this and don’t have any views yet.
    Love Twilight
    PS all of the girls i know check your blog EVERY DAY for new posts


    • Thanks for asking, Twilight 🙂 You are now added to my “Other Pixies’ Pages” section. I will just ask that you return the favor once you get more familiar with Word Press.

      That’s awesome that your friends check my blog everyday! I try my best to update as much as possible, but life sometimes gets in the way 😉


  3. ahh wat is mer ball ? can non members go ?


    • Hi, Lauren! I’ve never seen or been to a Merfairy Ball, so I believe it is new this year 😀

      According to the Events Calendar, the Ball will be in Dewdrop Vale (top 10 servers) from 3 to 4 p.m. PST on Tuesday, April 17th – which means that ALL fairies should be able to attend! I will post more information about it once I find out more 😉


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