Minister of Spring 2012

Since I couldn’t go to the Ballroom to see the Minister of Spring this past weekend (boo that he only visited the Members), I thought I would post a few screen shots from the event that the forum pixies kindly shared:

I guess the Minister played a game where he would start a story, then pass it on to another fairy to tell the next sentence, and then she would pass it on and so forth:

Another game played was the ever-popular “Minister Says”:

He also judged a surprise fashion contest, and forum fairy Alexia Hollyheart won (she’s the fairy with the shocked face):

The Minister announced that the Never Dove Egg Hunt will be before Silly Days this year. He said that since the events are so close together, the Animal Talents asked that the egg hunt be held first (also since Easter is early this year, hunting for eggs sooner would be more fun).

He also shared that Silvermist has taken quite an interest in the mermaids coming back this year during Silly Days. Many are wondering if she will have a new quest that will allow fairies to enter the Grotto…I can only hope that this quest is for ALL fairies then…

The Minister warned Members about the Mermaids. He said ”Remember, the Mermaids can be very tricky!”

On that note, I think I will write a letter to the Never Council asking that they PLEASE allow non-Members to enter the Grotto this year since we can now buy mermaid attire with our diamonds. Who’s with me?  😉 


Here’s the letter I just sent:

Dear Never Council:

Now that all fairies can purchase and earn Pixie Diamonds, I wanted to kindly ask if all fairies could please be allowed to participate in the quest that will allow them into Mermaid Grotto this year? I have been saving my diamonds to buy the upcoming 2012 Mermaid fashions, but I know only Members were allowed in the grotto last year – which was really upsetting for me. Is there any chance that ALL fairies could earn entrance this year? I would be so grateful and appreciative!

Thank you so much for listening,

Marigold Sunjewel


Here’s the response I got:

Hi Marigold,
Thanks for writing in to Pixie Hollow today. You sound like quite the passionate Pixie Hollow player, which is great! 
It would be really nice to see the other 3 dresses sold in the Post Office! They all seem like they’d be perfect for spring. Since spring has just started, we may end up seeing them in the Post Office after all! I’ll be sure to let the Never Council know your thoughts on this.
I’m not sure what will happen during Silly Days this year. The Never Council hasn’t said much about it, except that Silvermist seems to be taking quite an interest in the mermaids. We’ll have to wait and see if free Fairies can enter the Mermaid Grotto if it’s here this year. I’m sure that any mermaid fashions will be sold in shops around the Hollow, though, so keep saving your Diamonds!
If you have any other questions please be sure to let us know as we are happy to help, Fairy friend!
Take care,
Pixie Hollow Member Services


If you want to send a letter as well, please click here and help the non-Members!



11 responses to this post.

  1. TOTALLY! I’ll join you 🙂


  2. I’m with you. 😀 a great idea..


  3. I recieved my response!
    Hi Never Council!
    I’ve heard that the Silly Days are returning this year. I wasn’t around Pixie Hollow at that time, but I heard that the Mermaid Grotto, a special place for the mermaids, was exclusively for members. I just wondered if this year, it would also be for members only.
    I have also heard tons of great stories about the Never Dove Egg Hunt (or something like that), but that it was also for members. Will it be the same this year?

    Fly with you!

    Thanks for contacting the Hollow. I see that you are wondering about the Silly Days event, as well as the Never Dove Egg Hunt event. Though there are special features of these events (as there is with most) that are for members only, there are still things that all players will have a chance to enjoy!

    The Never Dove Egg Hunt has a hunt that is available only for our paying members, the but Hollow is decorated and has a bunch of fun things around for all players to enjoy.

    The Silly Days party has a room that is only open to members (Mermaid Grotto) but there are new fashions and decorations for all players to enjoy (please know that free players need Pixie Diamonds to purchase fashions).

    I hope that you have a really splashtastic time at these upcoming events! Be sure to let us know what you think. If you have any other questions or ideas, be sure to fly them our way so we can help out!

    Keep it dusty,

    Pixie Hollow Member Services

    Looks like Mermaid Grotto AND the Never Dove Egg Hunt are for members only… Oh well, they were pretty nice to us this year with the release of Pixie Diamonds and everything.



    • I assumed the Mermaid Grotto and Never Dove Egg Hunt would be for Members only again this year, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask 😉

      I know what you mean about how they have been pretty nice to non-Members lately. They didn’t have to give us any diamonds, but they did, and they didn’t have to have any of the events in public areas, but they did. I feel like such a complainer…but if someone doesn’t ask, nothing will ever change for the better, right?


  4. I supported u marigold !! i wanna see some mermaid !


  5. Posted by Gloria Nightclove on April 29, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Marigold, I got a question o:! You pay for a website, like a blog, but why not for membership?


  6. Posted by nancy on June 14, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    im a member on pixiehollow and I used to be a non member my name is vanessa starbell u guys should enter the contsest for 500 diamonds read more about it on the pixie page of events


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