Egg-cellent News!

Hey, Fairy friends! The Never Dove Egg Hunt begins today! The search is on for 15 painted eggs hidden in and around Havendish Square. Members, earn a flitterific badge for finding all 15 eggs. If you get stumped, read the signposts for a hint of where to look. And be sure to check in with Fawn for a brand-new quest for Members – there’s a lost little chickie who needs our help!

Plus, the new April fashions arrived in shops today, giving you lots of options to look your best during the egg hunt! The pixies in the picture both got their flaptastic outfits at the Pixie Post Office.

Happy flapping!

Sweet Pea


Q: When will the Mermaid Grotto come back?
A: A little starfish gave me some splashtastic news: Mermaid Grotto will return later in April!

Q: Where can we get the mermaid outfit?
A: The Mermaid outfit just arrived in the Pixie Post Office today. Fly there now to try it on!

Q:  When is Marina doing another Fashion Spotlight? I really don’t want to miss it!
A: Marina will be flying in to pick Fairies for her Fashion Spotlight on Thursday. Be sure to read the Never News on Thursday (April 5th) to find out where and when to meet her.

Q: I collected some of the eggs outside the Ballroom, but after I collected the eggs in the Ballroom, I didn’t receive my badge. Do you know what happened?
A: You need to collect all 15 eggs to get the badge. Be sure to look in the Ballroom, Tearoom, Fairy Coliseum, Fairy Tale Theater, and Havendish Square. Hint: There are 3 eggs in each of those places!


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So, what do you think of the Lyria-inspired dress we worked so hard to get?!? I think it’s really pretty in both the pink and the blue, but I wish the skirt was a bit longer and that the medallion on the shoulder wasn’t quite so bright orange (the color of the shoes would look better).

I’m bummed that non-Members can’t participate in the Never Dove Egg Hunt, but I couldn’t participate for the last two years, so I didn’t really expect to be able to this year. I love the beautiful Easter-y decorations for all fairies to enjoy in Havendish Square, though!

Fawn’s quest for the lost chickie sounds urgent! Please, all Members, fly to Fawn and find that chick ASAP if you haven’t already!

Guest author Sapphire is getting the inside scoop on the 2012 egg hunt, so look for a post from her this week. Vanillabelle will also be back for another round of Mix & Match since a TON of new and beautiful styles were just released today, and I will be scouting for the next addition of Fashionable Fairies very soon!

Thanks to my wonderful fairy friend Clover, I’ll be able to post some screen shots from the Members-only quest from Fawn! Look for that tomorrow  🙂  Also, I wanted to give HUGE shout out and thanks to Clover for surprising me this morning with such awesome gifts!

I knew the Pumpkin Outfit was retiring today, so I was on a mission to get enough diamonds to get the top for Clover (in return for her getting me the gorgeous Curcuma Outfit – which isn’t a fair trade, but at least it was something), but she beat me to it…and got the super cute boots and headband, too! Clover, you are far too kind to me, but I’m so grateful and appreciative to have an amazing friend like you  😀 



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