Never Dove Fashion

Hey, chickadees! There are two fashion must-haves for the Never Dove Egg Hunt – the Cozy Chick Hat and Never Dove Egg Basket, pictured above! Getting them is as easy as flying to the Ballroom where the chick hat is a gift for Members. Then go see Fawn, because she’s giving out egg baskets as the reward for her Little Lost Chickie Quest for Members.

In other flitterific fashion news, I’ll be picking Fairies for the April Fashion Spotlight this afternoon at 2 PM Pixie Standard Time in Springtime Orchard on Hidden Ridge server. Put together a stylish and unique outfit with the April shop collections and meet me there!

Update: Sprinting thistles have delayed my visit today. Thanks for your pixie patience! In the meantime, I’ll send some of my fashionable Fairy friends to pick the Fairies for the Fashion Spotlight.

Update #2: Sorry, I was unable to fly with you today. My fashionable Fairy friends loved all of your springy outfits. Fly back next week to see our picks!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: Do we have to wear just the new items that came out on Tuesday?
A: I look for Fairies who have put their own unique spin on the new shop collections.

Q: Do we need to wear the hat and carry the basket when we see you?
A: I think that would be flitterific, but it’s totally up to you what you wear!

Q: Are you going to be there Pixie Standard Time or real time?
A: I will be flying in at 2 PM Pixie Standard Time. To check what time it is in Pixie Hollow, fly to the Calendar and look in the top right corner:

Q: Can we mix up old and new fashions?
A: Mixing and matching is what pixie style is all about!


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I would love to try to get into Marina’s Fashion Spotlight, but I can’t afford anything from the new April collections yet! I wish she would wait until the end of the month  😛 

Good luck to any of my readers who are trying to get Marina’s attention today!  🙂 

Update: That’s too bad about Marina  😦  Many fairies seemed ticked about what happened and were upset with the replacement judges (that no one could seem to find). I really don’t like how they announce when Marina’s coming to visit. They put the post up announcing when and where she’ll be only a couple of hours before she shows up. Crazy!

Clover Oaksprout was able to take some snapshots of fairies trying out for the April Fashion Spotlight. Checkout these awesome mix & match outfits!  😀 



7 responses to this post.

  1. It’s my goal to one day be on a fashion spotlight. Haven’t got enough clothes yet…you can only play the easy level of a talent game so many times. I wish they had a badge for it! I wish that she wouldn’t tell when she would be searching, that just adds to the anticipation, and she is always so crowded! I hope one day a non-member makes it on the fashion spotlight!


    • Hey, Octavia! It’s my goal, too, to be selected for the Fashion Spotlight…but it may take a while to save up enough diamonds. I don’t understand why us non-members can only play on the “Easy” levels. Remember when we could play all levels except the hardest one? We weren’t even earning talent points back then either – just badges! It made playing more fun and gave us more to do 😦 *sigh*


  2. *lol* idk wat to do ! 😦


  3. so can i give u a photo of me in meremaid form ?


  4. Posted by lol guess who ? on April 8, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    thank you !!!


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