Egg Hunt Help

Hey, peeps! My name’s Sapphire Iceflame, and this is my first post on Marigold’s blog! Pretty crazy, I know  😛 

As you know, the 2012 Never Dove Egg Hunt is in full swing, but if you’re a member and having major problems finding all the eggs, let me share some secrets to help you get your badge before the hunt ends this Wednesday (April 11th)  😀 


There are 15 eggs (the “eggs” are actually painted pebbles) hidden around Havendish Square, and 3 eggs are hidden within each of the following locations: Havendish Square, the Tearoom, the Ballroom, Fairy Tale Theater, and the Fairy Coliseum. When you find one of the spectacularly painted eggs, just click on it to add it to your total. Easy, right?  😉 

Non-members can kind of participate by collecting 12 of the 15 eggs (since we are not allowed in the Ballroom – so unfair). But you must collect all 15 eggs to get the 2012 Never Dove Egg Hunt Badge. Sorry non-members, I don’t make the rules.

With some help from my forum fairy friend Iris Waterdew (a member), I have pictures of all the locations of the eggs!

When you have collected all 15 eggs, you will get this message:

So pretty  🙂  Not to ruin this triumphant moment or anything, but the eggs shown on the badge are from the last two years…and possibly older. I guess the art department was shorthanded this year -*shrugs*-

Anyway, thanx for tuning in to “Sapphire’s Secrets”! If you have any secrets to share (or a shout out or whatever), leave me a comment below  😉 

Cya soon ❤



12 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lol :) lilac on April 9, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Sweet, ive been looking for the one in the tea room lol, im Lilac by the way i do mix in matches 🙂 i love your post!!!


  2. Posted by lol guess who ? on April 9, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Me to !!!


  3. Hey, Sapphire!
    Love your name! And we’re both water-talents, hehe!
    I really liked this post! I hope you start posting more, soon!! Unlike that certain sparrow man who either doesn’t post at all or rambles about his dates…
    Which one did you think was the hardest to find, and what’s your favorite egg?
    See you soon!


    • Geeeeeez! A guy can’t catch a break around here… 😉

      Marigold’s been bugging me a lot, so I’ll prolly have a new post up by next week. Not that anyone wants to read it, right?


      • I bet you have a very eager audience since you’re one of the only guy bloggers, but it appears that the only thing that you commit to is Bobbin. You’re pretty observant for a guy. You could blog about game tips and talent levels or something, guys like that, right?
        See you soon!


    • Posted by sapphireiceflame on April 10, 2012 at 4:35 pm

      Hey Octavia! I love your name too!!! Your blog is insane, btw. Love it 😀
      Aww, thx! I love writing but I’m so busy all the time. I also love dancing and anything that involves snow, ice and water. Blue and white are my favorite colors.
      Ha! Heron is such a typical guy 😛 He’s always “too busy” to hang out, so I don’t know when he finds time to write. Marigold must literally twist his arm or something…
      The hardest egg to find, I think, was the one in the bottom left-corner of the Tearoom. Sneaky! The one at the top of the theater also took me a little bit to find.
      The eggs were so pretty this year! It’s hard to choose, but my favorite is the purple one that looks like a seashell in the Tearoom 🙂


  4. Please message me with any tips on how you made this website look this awesome , Id be appreciative!


    • Hey there! I created this blog through and selected a pre-made template, so there’s not too much that I did other than customize the widgets and add pictures 😉 You can create your own blog for free on wordpress, too!


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