Little Lost Chickie Quest

Fawn has a new quest for Members called The Little Lost Chickie:

Since I can’t participate in this Member-only quest, my good friend Clover Oakprout (who is a Member) shared a picture walk-through for us to see  😀  If you are a Member who hasn’t completed this quest yet, you had better fly to it because it will be gone when Silly Days start on Thursday (April 12th)!



If you are a Member and don’t want to have this quest spoiled for you, please do not read any further until you have completed the quest!


Being a concerned and helpful fairy, Clover flew straight to Fawn when she heard about the lost chick:

Of course, Clover accepted the quest:

Clover then flew to the Ballroom in Havendish Square and found the egg!  😀  How cute!

Clover then flew back to Fawn for instructions:

Not the right pattern, so Clover flew back to Fawn’s Hideout:

Also not the right pattern, so Clover flew back to Fawn’s Hideout:

After earning 10,000 points, Clover flew back to Fawn:

The bonnet matches! Clover gave Skysong the treats and rushed back to Fawn to tell her the good news:

Clover collected as many twigs as she could, then flew back to Fawn:

Here’s a snapshot of the lovely Clover enjoying her new Never Dove Egg Basket:

Thanks so much, Clover, for sharing your adventure with us!  😀 



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  1. Posted by lol guess who ? on April 10, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    lol !


  2. Posted by Lilac on April 11, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Marigold guess what?


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