April Fashion Pixie Poll

I saw that a new Pixie Poll was posted this week:

It was a difficult choice, but I decided to vote for the Lyria Dress in the end since it is one of the dresses we tried so hard to release. When I voted, these were the results:

What?!?  😮  Gale’s recycled clothes are beating out the never-before-released Lyria outfit?!? This can’t be…We need to band together and change the results!

Please help me by voting for the Lyria Dress so the Never Council will be more inclined to release the last two dresses from the Pixie Post Office for us! The poll let me vote more than once, so please vote as many times as you can to help raise the numbers!

To vote, click here to be directed to the Pixie Central page. Just log in and scroll to the bottom of the page to vote. To vote again, click anywhere to leave the current page, then click on the tab “Pixie Central” to go back and vote.

Thank you!!!  😀


UPDATE – 4/12/2012

After voting like crazy yesterday, here were the results as of 6:00 a.m. PST:

Awesome job, pixies!!!  😀  We’re up 16% from when I first noticed the poll yesterday. I’m going to continue to vote today to keep the Lyria dress in 2nd place, but I still need your help! Thank you!!!


UPDATE – 4/17/2012

I should have taken a screenshot, but as of 10:00 a.m. PST, our Lyria dress was back in 4th place at 18%  😦  At least Gale’s and the Mermaid Outfit were really close, though. Thanks so much to those of you helped!!!  🙂 

Voting closed as of Noon PST today.



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  1. hey marigold i just took the poll and this must be working because it’s now up to 11 percent. yay!

  2. Posted by sapphireiceflame on April 11, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    I just voted and the results for the Lyria dress are up to 13% now! 😀 Go pixies! ❤
    I'll keep voting, Marigold!

  3. Yes! 15%! KEEP ON VOTING (even though it can get kinda boring) 🙂 !

    • Awesome!!! That’s up 7% from when I started voting! Thanks for the update and thank you for voting! 😀

      P.S. Yeah, it does get kind of boring, but it’s for a good cause 😉

  4. 23%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gale’s is down to 21! we are ahead!

  5. hey marigold- you should make a tab showing all our progress on the dress crusade and what we can all do to help- that way it’s clearer. by the way, we’re up to 28%. absolutely beating gale’s. yay us!

    • Hi there! I have been updating the post about the dresses, but it’s probably a good idea to make a separate tab for it. In the meantime, just click on the “Do you want these dresses?” picture on the main page to be directed to the post. Thanks for the great idea 😀

  6. Still 28%! The Butterfly Collection is at 36%, almost there, pixies! Thanks for noticing this Marigold.

    • Thanks, Octavia! The numbers have shifted a little since last night, but the Lyria dress is still in 2nd place 🙂 I’ll update this post in a few minutes to show the progress. Thanks for voting!!! 😀

  7. Posted by Lilac on April 11, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Cool i personaly Love the butterfly dress but the lyra totaly beats gales new stuff!

  8. Oh, no it is on 25% and the butterfly outfit on 39%, keep voting fairies.

  9. Posted by Lilac on April 16, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Marigold can you feature my blog on yours???
    Lilac’s Adventues in Pixie Hollow

  10. Hey Marigold! I just wanted to say, I really like Gale’s the best, but the post office is definetly second, I cant believe that the butterfly outfits are winning!

  11. Hi! This has nothing to do with the pixie poll, but i finally started blogging again! It’s not a pixie hollow blog, but if you want to check it out…

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