Super Silly Days

Yay!! The silliest Pixie Hollow party of the year is here – it’s officially Silly Days! Members, visit Silvermist for a splashtastic quest to get the key to beautiful Mermaid Grotto. Once you’re in the Grotto, read the signpost to find out how to earn the Mermaid Encounter badge!

Also, if you want to get super silly, fly to Cassie’s Costumes and shop for silly styles, including the Wacky Rainbow Wig. Then, watch Tinker Bell and her friends perform a comedy show in Fairy Tale Theater. You’ll get the Silly Days 2012 badge for watching while wearing the wig! Tink’s had stage fright all morning, but she’ll start performing later today. Check the Calendar for showtimes!

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: The calendar says the comedy show with Tinker Bell and friends started today, so I went there at the top of the hour and no show! I wore the rainbow wig too (just to get the badge) and nothing happened.
A: Tink’s got a bad case of stage fright, but should start performing later today. You and your pixie pals will be able to get your badge soon. Thanks for your pixie patience!

Q: My friends and I were waiting at the theater today for about an hour. We thought we missed the times, so we checked. The time and date were right. Where are the famous fairies? All of us are worried!
A: The comedy show has been delayed because Tinker Bell came down with stage fright. With the help of her famous Fairy friends, Tink should start performing later today. Please help by spreading the word to your friends!

Q: Can we watch the show without wearing the wig?
A: Yep! You can watch the Tink’s Comedy Show just for fun without wearing the wig, but you’ll need to wear it if you want to get the Silly Days 2012 badge.

Q: Do you think there will be more levels coming soon? I’m nearly to level 28 and it would be nice to have more.
A: Congrats on reaching Level 28! As soon as there’s news about new talent levels, we’ll post it here on the Never News. Happy mermaid-tastic flapping!


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Poor Tink!  😦  She got “stage fright” last year, too (which makes me wonder why this issue is back again if it was “fixed” in 2011). I think Lyria got “stage fright” as well. There must be something glitchy about having the famous fairies show up continuously…

So, what lucky Members out there have been to beautiful Mermaid Grotto? Sapphire said there were real mermaids there this year, so it sounds super awesome this year  😀


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Lilac on April 13, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    aww i cant wait for the new levels!!!!!!!!
    marigold tell me all you know about them pretty pixie please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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