Mermaid Mission Quest

The glorious and mysterious Mermaid Grotto is now open for Members to visit!  🙂  The Grotto is even more exciting this year since REAL mermaids appear when 10 fairies all sing together. How awesome is that?!? In order to enter the Grotto, however, you have to complete Silvermist’s Member-only quest called “Mermaid Mission”.

Once again, my amazingly wonderful fairy friend Clover has created a walk-through of the quest so us non-Members can see what hoops Silvermist made the Members jump through to get the coveted Mermaid Grotto key  😉 



If you are a Member and don’t want to have this quest spoiled for you, please do not read any further until you have completed the quest!


Clover thought it over and decided not the help Silvermist, because Mermaid Grotto had become jaded over the years, and mermaids don’t even like fairies anyway  😛  The end.

I’m totally joking!  😉  Of course, Clover said she would help  🙂  lol (Hey, it’s Silly Days! Have a laugh!)

Really? Only 5? Clover knew that would be easy, so she flew off to gather leaves. Once she had them, she returned to Silvermist’s Grotto:

Clover was pretty good at Firefly Light-Up, so flew to Springtime Orchard to play the game until she earned 5,000 points (that’s her in the screenshot above – lookin’ silly and stylish).

Why do the Mentor fairies always ask for Sunflower Cookies? Awesome crafting score, Clover!  🙂 

LOL! Silvermist is hilarious  😀 

15 raspberries??? How many mermaids does Silvermist think she’s going to see??? Gesh!

All that work and no talent points  😦  Hopefully, they will raise the talent level limit soon, Clover! I saw a fairy complain about it to Sweet Pea in the comments yesterday.

Talk about random! Since when is Silvermist an expert at teaching baby birds to fly? Shouldn’t this be a Fawn task? Anyway, just sayin’…

Yay, Clover!  😀  She also shared some screenshots from inside Mermaid Grotto:

Clover found me waiting around for Tink at the Fairy Tale Theater yesterday and showed me some of her new gifts from the Grotto:

Also, here are some snapshots of beautiful Clover in case you want to copy her Silly Days style:

Thanks again, Clover, for all your time and effort compiling all these pictures for us! You’re the best  😀 



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  1. Posted by Lilac on April 13, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Sweet i will totaly get the ice cream one but i think ill make mine black wit blue ❤
    thanks again!


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