That’s right, as of today, I am now a MEMBER!  😮 

I finally made it over to Toys ‘R’ Us this past weekend and thought to myself, “If they have the 3-Month Membership Card, then it was meant to be. If they don’t have it, then it’s a sign that I should never be a Member.”

Just from reading the PH forums, I knew it was a crap shoot as to whether or not the ONLY Toys ‘R’ Us in my area would even have the limited edition card. So I tried not to get my hopes up. Then, when I finally found the card display, there it was! They only had 4 of the 3-month cards left, so I took one and made a beeline to the register  🙂 

I still have mixed feelings about this…which is why I didn’t jump on the computer the moment I got home and start exploring Pixie Hollow as a Member. I should be excited, though! I got the Marigold dress, I now have access to everything only Members can get into and do…Still, it feels weird…

I’m going to use this opportunity to see what all being a Member really means and report my findings here for all my wonderful readers  😀  This opportunity will hopefully not only enlighten me but also help educate me to be a better blogger on a topic I didn’t know by first-hand experience.

I’m also going to raise my talent level, go exploring, and see what all I can do as a Member that I couldn’t before. During this time, I will probably not be updating quite as often as I am now so I can take advance of this limited time Membership, but I will still be posting and keeping you updated on the latest news and upcoming events. 

Plus, Sapphire, Vanillabelle, and (maybe) Heron will still be posting on here to help fill in the news gaps when I’m away exploring  🙂 

My first real post as a Member and my findings will be coming soon!



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  1. Wow Marigold! Congratulations!
    If you ever want a partner for the wilderness, I’m always up for it!


  2. Ugh im jelous! But im getting a membership to so i cant complain congrats!!!
    Can we picka spot to meet and friend eachother?


  3. Cool, but i’ve been a member for 3 years now.


    • Lucky
      I’m getting won soon
      but it takes grown ups FORE ever to decide!


    • That’s great that you’ve been a Member for 3 years, Twilight 🙂
      It’s big for me to become a Member since I have never been one since I started playing in 2010, so I have never experienced Pixie Hollow as a Member. It’s probably hard for you to relate, but I’m sure the non-Members out there know what it’s like.


  4. That’s really awesome, Marigold! You totally deserve it! Maybe since you’ll be exploring more, we’ll run into each other someday! That was totally fate! I’m really happy for you!! :DD


    • Thanks, Octavia! 😀 I’m more excited about it now that I’ve started exploring and can actually accept quests from the Mentor Fairies.
      It would be awesome to run into you! What server do you usually play on?


    • I know that your favorite server is Blooming Grove, so I’ll try to be on there and maybe I’ll see you once in a while! I usually don’t have any rhyme or reason when I choose my servers, when I want to explore, I just scroll down and blindly pick one. Yeah, now that you can do quests, I bet you’ll be on Pixie Hollow a lot more 😉


      • Great! 😀 I was actually just on that server not too long ago. I usually don’t stay on PH for long periods of time, but I’ll be looking for you, though 😉

        Btw – I was FINALLY trying to do a Talent Quest from my mentor Rosetta, and she told me to go buy a forest bin at Harmony’s Housewares and bring it back to her. The problem is that Harmony doesn’t sell them anymore! I already emailed PH support and am waiting to see what excuse they come up with 😛


  5. Congratulation, Marigold. I am agree with Seaswirls, you really deserve it. Now I’m also a member[ by a website ] .


  6. Posted by Olivia on April 21, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    Hey, Marigold! Now that you’re a member, WHY NOT GO SEE MERMAID GROTTO FOR YOURSELF? U can get that lobster costume…


    • Hey, Olivia! I HAVE BEEN TO MERMAID GROTTO AND GOT THE LOBSTER COSTUME! 😉 I became a Member AFTER the Grotto opened, so any posts I made previous to then were when I wasn’t a Member. I have been taking screenshots from inside the Grotto that I hope to post soon! 🙂


  7. Congragulations Marigold!! Glad that you are now a member! sooo happy for you! 🙂


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