Merfairy Fun

Hi, silly pixies! Have you met the Merfairies yet? These aquatic Pixie Pals are making a big splash in the Hollow with fun activities for all Fairies on the April Calendar. Join them today for a very special and splashtastic Merfairy Ball at 3 PM Pixie Standard Time in Dewdrop Vale!

Be sure to look your Merfairy best, because rumor has it that a certain Never Council water-talent will be making a surprise appearance at the Ball. She might even pick Fairies for a special edition Fashion Spotlight. . . but you didn’t hear it from me! Hee hee!

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: Where do you get the mermaid outfits?
A: Mermaid outfits are for sale at the Pixie Post Office and Cassie’s Costume Shop!

Q: Can the spotlight outfits be anything other than mermaid tails?
A: Your Fashion Spotlight outfit can be anything Silly Days-themed!

Q: When are the new fashions coming out?
A: New fashions will arrive next sometime during the first week of May!

Q: How can I get a mermaid tail without using diamonds?
A: The Mer-Made Lagoon Drape is available for Members to buy with ingredients at Cassie’s Costumes.


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Check out those mermaid outfits! I love them all  😀 

This totally figures! Why are Marina’s visits always announced last-minute??? Well, I can’t make it to the Merfairy Ball anyway because of the time, but it still makes me mad  😦 

Here’s my first insider info on becoming a Member: You don’t get your Pixie Diamond allowance for at least 24 hours after registering! I don’t get a ton of diamonds (12 per month, I think), but it still would be nice to have them.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Sweet will yuo be there marigold??? witch server i want to friend you please :)))))))


  2. Posted by Clover Oaksprout on April 17, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Heads up, Marigold, I think your pixie diamonds will be split between all three of your fairies:


  3. i am so sad !!!! 😦 when everybody is like B) i neveer get to attend to the balls !


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