Meet Rosejewel =)

I’ve always wanted an animal friend, but I could never get one before Pixie Diamonds came out since I wasn’t a Member. Then, I couldn’t afford one once I had diamonds, because the pets are expensive!

Taking advantage of my new Membership, I asked some of my pixie pals which animal friend to get. Heron told me the pluses and minus for all of them (being an Animal-Talent), then he suggested I start with a ladybug since I could possibly afford a cheaper pet after my Membership’s over – and I have always adored ladybugs  🙂 

So, I went to Beck’s Animal Nursery and looked over the little cuties:

See the little hatchling closet to me in the bottom right-hand corner of the crib? That’s the one I picked out  😀  Here’s how much it currently cost to buy a ladybug:

Yes, you read that right: 55 Pixie Diamonds for a ladybug. Like I said, not cheap!

I mulled over what to name her for the longest time. I wanted to give her a cute, flowery, and red-themed name, and there were so many choices! I finally decided on Rosejewel – but I have already nicknamed her Rosie  😉 

I was surprised to see that I could upgrade her for 35 diamonds if I want to keep her after my Membership ends. That’s 20 diamonds cheaper than buying one later straight from Beck’s, so I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Heron and Elixa both told me that it’s best to release your pet when they are full-grown, but I can see myself getting attached and not wanting to let her go. But then I will never know what it’s like to have the other pets (and each gives different gifts), so I guess I’ll cross that bridge once Rosejewel is an adult…

Speaking of gifts, Rosejewel brought me two yesterday – a bottle of Bumble Bee Yellow Dye and 3 Honey Cookies. Today she brought me 5 Blueberries and Buggy Bunny Ears (for her to wear). At first, I thought I had to be in a particular meadow for Rosejewel to find gifts for me since it seemed so random, but I was proven wrong this morning when I was hanging out in the Pumpkin Patch for a while. Rosejewel flew away twice to bring me gifts and I never left the meadow!

I love my little girl:

I already had to take Rosejewel to Elixa’s because she wasn’t feeling well:

It turned out that she had a sore antenna  😦  Luckily, it was nothing serious. I just had to give Elixa certain ingredients for her to make everything better  🙂 

It’s only been two days, but I’m already loving having a little pet of my own. I’ll keep you posted on Rosejewel’s progress and any special gifts she brings me since they differ by pet breed.



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  1. First of all:
    Second of all:
    Congratulations on getting Rosejewel!! She’s such a darling. Give us all updates on when she reaches new stages and brings you new gifts!!
    I’m so happy for you!! 😀 Give Rosie my best! I would so like to meet her 🙂


    • Thank you, Octavia! 😀 I’ve started playing with dyes and mixing & matching outfits. I know what you’re thinking – my inner fashion beast has been released 😉
      I will definitely keep you updated on little Rosie! You should totally keep saving your diamonds to get a pet. From what I had heard from some of my friends, I was worried she would be super needy, and that I would be spending tons of time trying to keep her healthy and happy. So far, Rosie has been super easy to take care of! I love her to pieces ❤ She's like my little sidekick 🙂
      I was looking for you while flying around the Hollow today, but no such luck 😦 There's always tomorrow, though 😉


      • Marigold, make the most of your membership – remember Vidia’s Daily Spin! Since you’re a member you can now get exclusive home items and bottles of dye in addition to ingredients. Maybe there are animal friend items, too!


  2. Cool! i have a pet named basil. He still hasnt brought me any outfits for hime to wear but i do have quite a few bottles of dye now! 😉


  3. Aw, Rosie is ADORABLE! I really want one… but I’ll never have enough diamonds… I’m thinking of creating an entirely new account and just trying super hard to get a pet on there. 🙂


    • Thank you! 🙂 Rosie is so sweet. I can’t say enough good things about having a pet! That’s an awesome idea to create a new account where you can save all your diamonds to get one of the less expensive pets. Let me know if you do!


      • Thanks, I will 🙂 Only thing is that I have to get to like Talent Level 14 or something before I have enough diamonds to get a pet… and, what do I do with the dyes once I get them? It costs me 1 PD to dye them, and I’d be saving those up for something else! Argh…


  4. Awww!! Your animal friend is adorable!! soo happy for you!


  5. Posted by Olivia on April 22, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    OH – you know – a lot of items that cost a lot of pixie diamonds – Like, in Summit Styles, the new collections – If you get them when you’re a member, you can update them for less pixie diamonds when you’re a non member too!


  6. Marigold, you havent been writing to anyone in a couple days? Im leaveing my blog its to much hastle plus it’s hard to have 2. i hope you come on soon 🙂


  7. Rosie is the cutest! I think my first pet will be a bumblebee, but Rosie is pulling me towards the ladybug baby crowd!


  8. My first pet was a blue hummingbird 🙂 Then I bought the cutest ladybug ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD


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