Silly Days Fashion Spotlight

Surprise!! Your super silly styles inspired me to do a special edition Fashion Spotlight! I flew into Dewdrop Vale with the Merfairies and had so much fun holding funny fashion contests. Pictured are some of the wacky winners:

There’s just one more week of Silly Days! Members, remember to unlock the Fish Bubble Silly Sweet for personal baking at Dulcie’s Kitchen before Thursday, April 26th. What’s the silliest thing that’s happened to you so far during Silly Days?

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: What year did they sell the pumpkin head prop? It’s super silly!
A: That pumpkin headpiece was actually a prize for trick or treating at the Animal Masquerade last year.

Q: Are we having any more Merfairy Balls?
A: The next Merfairy activity is at 3 PM Pixie Standard Time today — a Merfairy Comedy Show in Fairy Tale Theater!

Q: Will there be an Earth Day quest for us this year?
A: We will be celebrating Nature Days in late May!

Q: Where can we get the mustaches?
A: The Seaweed Mustache was a giveaway in Mermaid Grotto during last year’s Silly Days. Did you pick up this year’s lobster-tastic giveaway from the Grotto yet?

Q: I love the Silly Days! When will the next Silly Days be?
A: We celebrate Silly Days every year in Pixie Hollow! Isn’t that splashtastic?!

Q: How do you get picked?
A: These pixies got picked because they won my silly fashion contests! Keep reading the Never News, because I announce when I’ll be flying in to pick Fairies for the Fashion Spotlights.

Q: What will May’s Fashion Spotlight be about?
A: My guess is that May will be all about royal, critterific, and flowery fashions!


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I couldn’t attend the Merfairy Ball, but I was flying around the Hollow about an hour before the event started, and there were SO many beautiful outfits! I don’t know how Marina narrowed it down  😛 

I happened to see this fairy (named Ella) while I was out and about that afternoon, and I absolutely LOVED her ball outfit:

Isn’t it gorgeous?!? I’m definitely going to copy her outfit so I can look glamorous like her  😉  I thought for sure Ella would get picked for Marina’s Fashion Spotlight, but she wasn’t wearing anything brand new other than the shoes, so Marina probably passed right by her.

My fellow fairy blogger Lilac has some screenshots from the Mermaid Ball that I will share soon! In the meantime, you can always checkout the pictures on her blog under “Other Pixies’ Pages” – Lilac’s Blog.


6 responses to this post.

  1. wow that is great ! im SO scared cause it will not let me go on my fairy !!!


    • Sometimes PH has issues that won’t let you log on or you will log on and your fairy won’t be there. Scary, I know! Just try refreshing your browser or close your browser and wait a little while to try again. If you’re still having problems, contact PH support.


  2. OMG i have a few of there full page pictures!
    If you want one marigold id be happy to give you it


  3. And i emailed you one of the fashion spotlight fairys photo’s


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