Silly Days & Shop News

There is just one day left of Silly Days! Members, be sure to earn the badges and unlock the Fish Bubble Silly Sweet at Dulcie’s before tomorrow (Thursday)!

I also want to give you a heads up about some exciting shop news! Coal and Gavin are thrilled to announce that they’re combining their shops – Coal’s Clothiers will become the one-stop shop for Sparrow Man style starting on Thursday. Unfortunately, this means that some Sparrow Man shop collections will be disappearing earlier than their “Available Until” date. Today is the last day to shop for Gardening Tools, Spring Accessories 2012, and Spring Shoes 2012 at Gavin’s and Easy Styles, Clover Suit, Sparrow Man Gardener, and Spring Casuals at Coal’s. Also, Neville’s New Homes is going to start rotating Fairy Home collections, so pickup any pieces that you want from there now too before they rotate out!

And, finally, be sure to buy anything you’ve had your eye on in Brook’s Basics now, because Brook’s going in a totally new, plant-tastic direction with her shop starting tomorrow. Check out the picture for a sneak peek! Any guesses about what she’ll be selling??

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: Does this mean that Gavin’s or Coal’s shops will become a new shop?
A: Both shops are combining into Coal’s Clothiers, and Gavin’s Gears will be going away. Kit will actually be moving into Evergreen Overlook near where Gavin used to be!

Q: What will become of Gavin’s store?
A: Did you know Gavin’s had a lifelong dream of becoming a master sewing-talent for the Queen? He’s closing his shop to go after his dream! Sparrow Men accessories will be found at Coal’s Clothiers starting Thursday.

Q: Where will we get the arrival outfits? I just LOVE the skirt!
A: Be sure to stock up on those skirts and anything else you want from Brook’s Basics now, because they may not be available after Wednesday.

Q: Will brook still be selling clothes?
A: Brook’s going to be selling something completely new and different. Fly back on Thursday to find out what it is!

Q: Maybe Brook’s Basics is going to be selling plants? It looks like from the picture there seems to be some to the sides or on the table.
A: Good guess!

Q: Wait a minute, a friend told me that Silvermist said that Gavin’s Gear was closing and would become a new shop called Glamour Fairy. Is she right or is she playing tricks on me like the mermaids love to do?
A: Hee hee! The rumor is true: Gavin is going to work as a sewing-talent for Queen Clarion, and we’ll get to see some of his glamorous handiwork in a new shop coming soon to Havendish!

Q: Will the Tea Party come to the Hollow this year?
A: The Garden Tea Party will return just before summer!

Q: If Kit moves to where Gavin used to be, what will go where Kit’s Hideout used to be?
A: Flitterific question! A new shop is going where Kit used to be.

Q: Are any gift sets in the Pixie Post Office going away?
A: The Pansy and Tillandsia Collections will be leaving the Pixie Post Office. Flap to it if you’re planning on buying either of these!


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Wow!  😮  So many changes are coming to the Hollow tomorrow! In case all that was hard to follow, here’s the breakdown:

– Gavin’s Gear will be closing in Evergreen Overlook:

– Sparrow Men clothes will now only be located at Cole’s Clothiers in Cottonpuff Field:

– Kit’s Hideout (a.k.a. Kit’s Place) will be leaving Havendish Square and moving to Evergreen Outlook near Gavin’s Gear:

– A new store possibly called Glamour Fairy will be opening in Havendish Square that will sell royal clothes.
– Brook’s Basics in Dewdrop Vale will no longer sell clothes. It is presumed to be selling plants and seeds to grow in your home.

I’m excited for the new shop in Havendish Square and that Kit’s getting a better place, but I’m bummed about Brook’s Basics shop not selling clothes  😦  What are your thoughts?



10 responses to this post.

  1. Hmm, well I think Brook’s was better when nonmember fairies could buy things with ingredients, and having plants will be awesome! you’re gonna have to buy lots of plants with your membership, Marigold!


  2. Posted by Lilac on April 25, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Um, what does ROYAL shop mean???


  3. Maybe it’ll have tiaras… I ADORE tiaras…
    *Stares dreamily off into the distance, then snaps back into reality*
    Probably just a lot of velvet stuff.


  4. Oh yeah and it’ll be cool that Kit’s getting a new place! I “do” her quests everyday, which is essntially 5 free Talent Points 🙂 Kind of annoying that she’s moving into the winter meadows because I don’t go there much.


  5. lol rly that is super sad ……well i hope nonmembers can buy plants ….:D


  6. Hey Marigold, they released the winners of the Pixie Diamond Sweepstakes!


  7. Posted by Lilac on April 26, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    The royal shop is totally a scam its just REALLY expensive outfits! but we can now play all games yay!


  8. all games all levels!!!!! marigold, i know you are a member now, but for all the non-members this is HUGE news! all levels on games and access to the wilderness!!!!


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