Queen’s Boutique

Have you flown into the Queen’s Boutique in Havendish Square yet? Selling totally to-fly-for dresses hand-crafted by the Queen’s own sewing-talents, the shop is a Fairy fashionista’s dream come true! Because these dresses are extra-special, this shop works a little differently than others:

  • Queen’s Boutique outfits come as a complete set (top, skirt, shoes, etc.) and cost Pixie Diamonds.
  • Because they’ve been so carefully crafted, the outfits cannot be dyed.
  • There’s a limited amount of each outfit – the number at the top of the page tells you how many are left and will say “Sold Out” when they are all gone. The two inaugural gowns are sure to sell out fast!

 And, just when you thought today couldn’t get anymore flaptastic, now ALL players can play ALL the Talent Games (doesn’t include Tearoom games) and fly into the Wilderness! How cool is that?

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: If the dresses sell out, will there be new ones to buy the next day?
A: When the dresses sell out, you’ll see a big “Sold Out” stamp in the catalog, and Erica and the Queen’s sewing-talents will restock with fabulous new gowns as soon as possible!

Q: How long with these wonderful dresses be available? I am waiting for my monthly diamond allowance.
A: The dresses will be available until they sell out. If you don’t get a chance to buy the inaugural gowns, be sure to check back, because the Queen’s Boutique has more in store for us!

Q: I love my new blue gown from the Queen’s Boutique, but the dresses are really expensive. Do they ever go on sale?
A: The Queen’s Boutique gowns are unlikely to go on sale because they are exclusive outfits, handcrafted by the Queen’s own sewing-talents.

Q: I think we should be able to use ingredients we have earned to buy Queen’s Dresses. Even if it was 1,000 ingredients an item, it would be more fair than having to buy the diamonds for members who have paid for three years to be members.
A: The Queen’s Boutique is a brand-new kind of shop in Pixie Hollow, and it’s helpful to hear what Fairies think about it.

Q: Can you please explain the bonus for the seeds we planted? I know that we get an extra special surprise, but is it an extra item, more seeds of the same type, etc.?
A: Friends can help you get the bonus prize by singing to your plants. If enough friends sing to your plants to fill up the bonus bar, you’ll get an extra item that complements the prize you grew! Sweet Pea will be interviewing Brook all about her new gardening shop here on the Never News. Plus, you can find out more information about gardening by clicking “Help?” below your chat bar.

Q: I checked Neville’s Homes for the new stuff, but it wasn’t there. Does it update today or when all the other shops update?
A: Neville’s New Homes will update with all of the other shops on May 3.


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I’m sorry for the delay in posting. I have been really sick for nearly the last week  😦 

That’s AWESOME news that all players can now play all talent games!!!  😀  That was one of the perks I was enjoying as a Member that I’m so happy I don’t have to forfeit once my membership expires!!!

To me, the Queen’s Boutique seems like a total rip off. I understand you get the entire outfit and that they are limited edition items, but I don’t think 80 diamonds is worth it – especially for items you can’t even dye. Why don’t they sell them in more than one color if you can’t dye them? You have to pay to dye items anyway, so why not? Anyway, I do love the two dresses they have for sale right now, but it would take me FOREVER to save up 80 pixie diamonds, and I would rather use my diamonds on items from the post office so I get more for my money.

Here are some screenshots of the dresses and such from the new boutique:

What are your thoughts? Are you going to buy anything from the Queen’s Boutique?


21 responses to this post.

  1. Heh! Me? Queen’s Botique? NOT LIKELY.
    I can’t understand how both of the dresses have sold out ALREADY! Oh well, like I’d ever have enough diamonds to buy those dresses… But the blue one was nice 🙂


    • I couldn’t believe that both dresses sold out in less than a week! 😮 Apparently there are more fairies than I thought who have a HUGE amount of diamonds.


    • Posted by twilightwaterwish on May 2, 2012 at 2:10 pm

      I can’t believe the dresses sold out already. I hope they are goign to update the shop
      more often, if they dresses are going to be gone that fast.


  2. It’s interesting how everyone likes the blue one so much!
    I personally thought the purple one was fabulous.

    I did end up buying both of them, before they sold out. But I regret it now.
    I hope the next set of dresses are not appealing to me, because the possibility of me being able to buy another dress from there is slim….

    I know alot of fairies who ended up buying both dresses for all 3 of their fairies, so I can understand how they sold out. However, I’m not in the same boat as them, my poor Honey couldn’t get either of them. (I would of had to buy more diamonds)

    There is a huge debate going on, on the forum about this.
    Especially the gardens, so many of them are talking about hanging up their wings for good & or canceling their membership.
    Why do members, who already pay have to buy/earn diamonds in order to stock their gardens? Thats the main focus right now.

    I personally don’t think membership is worthless — at least not yet.
    Because they dont allow non-members all badges, if they ever did that, well then maybe then I would have to cancel it too…

    Everyone (forum fairies) plan on giving Di$ney another chance, if they dont start toning down things with diamonds, I fear that many founding fairies/fairies that are from before diamonds, will quit.

    It’s sad that you just got membership & now all this happens!

    Also, sorry to hear that you’re sick! Get well soon!


    • I think the term ‘limited edition’ is kind of weird, because won’t everything come and go? The dresses are nice, yes, but I don’t think I’d ever buy them. I saw a really long forum post complaining about how membership is useless now, and that pixie diamonds complicated a lot of things.

      Sure, I love fashion, but I never thought that was the point of pixie hollow. I thought the emphasis was on fun, talent games, and fairy friends. When they focus everything on fashion and diamonds, it strains the relationship between fairies, because it becomes a wealth contest. It kind of sucks when members already pay more money to have a better experience, but have to pay more now for the things that they got for their regular membership (does that make sense?).

      I think that Pixie Diamonds should ONLY be for non-members, and that members should be able to buy Pixie Post Office and Queen’s Boutique and Garden Supply items with ingredients. I think that since many non-members want different privileges that are restricted to members, Pixie Hollow should create types of free accounts.

      One kind has pixie diamonds which lets non-members shop for clothing and furniture. Another kind gives you access to events, like quests and one visit into the ballroom every event. And another kind lets you go into the wilderness, and lets you win cookies in Vidia’s Daily Spin. (I think this should have always been a member activity because if you don’t have a high enough level and enough cookies, the wilderness is no fun.) You are allowed one switch.

      I think personal tailoring, tinkering, baking, having all the badges, hosting fairy parties, and making houses bigger should be only for members, and of course they can also shop with ingredients, go to Vidia’s Daily Spin, and have full access to all the events, and the wilderness. All non-members should still be able to play all the levels of talent games, do basic quests, try on clothes, and have some access to events.

      I think this is how it should be, because as much as I love shopping, I know some pixies and sparrow men especially would love to go to the wilderness and have access to events. Now there is something for everyone, Disney doesn’t lose money because Members still have access to anything and non-members can choose what they want, and everyone is happy. What do you think?


      • Hi, Tavi! I agree with you that when I joined PH, it wasn’t about the fashion. Sure, I LOVE shopping and love seeing what new outfits are coming out each month, but that’s not the point of Pixie Hollow. It’s supposed to be a community of fairies and sparrow men working together and using their special talents to make the world a better place. It’s now becoming a place where you flaunt your wealth and beg others for handouts when your diamonds run out >=(

        I always thought it was weird that Pixie Diamonds involved Members. I thought they were coming out as a way for non-Members to experience some perks for less money than buying a Membership. It really has become complicated now. And with the prices going up (like at the Queen’s Boutique) – Members should get more than 15 or 20 diamonds per month in their allowance. It’s unfair and frustrating. I really like your idea of having different accounts. You should suggest them to the Never Council just to see what they say.

        I’m very interested to see what happens in PH from this point forward. Sure, some Members are furious and claiming they’ll quit, but Disney always has something to draw them back…


    • Hey, Strawberry! I didn’t realize that ppl were buying the dresses for all 3 of their fairies – so that explains why they sold out so quickly! I also didn’t realize that ppl had THAT many diamonds 😮 If I saved all my diamonds from now until my Membership ended, I might have enough to buy one dress…maybe…but it would have to be the most awesome dress ever for me to even consider buying it 😛

      I saw the forums blow up about the gardens, the new shop, and how Memberships are “worthless” now. I really have to disagree. Only Members get a monthly diamond allowance. Only Members can visit the Ballroom, Mermaid Grotto, and the Ice Palace. Only Members can pay with ingredients at the shops. Only Members can tailor, tinker, and bake items to keep for themselves. Only Members can complete all quests offered by the Mentor fairies. It’s really ridiculous to call Memberships “worthless” when you get so much. These fairies obviously have no idea what it’s like to be a non-Member.

      I think it’s so awesome that ALL fairies can now go into the wilderness and play all levels of all the games. It keeps PH from getting boring for non-Members. I don’t regret starting my Membership and then having this happen, because it means I can just focus more on the Member-only activities right now 😉

      Thanks for the well wishes! I am feeling a little better today 🙂


  3. Posted by Lilac on May 1, 2012 at 11:53 am

    How many diamonds come in the monthly for a gift card?


    • I get 15 diamonds a month from my 3-month Membership card.


      • Posted by Lilac on May 1, 2012 at 6:12 pm

        Kewl, i get 25 since i got the year thing. Hows rose jewel? Basil finally brought me some bat wings for him to wear <:3 hes soooo cute!


        • Hey, Lilac! Rosejewel is doing fine 🙂 She has been bringing me a lot of dyes lately, but they’re dyes not sold in the stores, so that’s pretty cool. She just grew to a tot earlier this week…she’s growing up so fast! What stage is Basil at now?


          • Posted by Lilac on May 2, 2012 at 10:36 am

            aww, i recently was brought some hummingbird purple dye. basil is on stage tot to 🙂 I hope we can meet sometime! Do you know who the kritter sitters are? im really excited fawn is coming (im an animal talent)
            Happy flying!


            • Maybe this is rather obvious… but what are the kritter sisters? I feel silly just saying their name 😉


              • Posted by Lilac on May 2, 2012 at 2:24 pm

                i know what there name means, what i meant was will they be like the merfairys? and we will have there pixie pages???

            • The Critter Sitters are exactly like the Merfairies and Lucky Clovers where they have their own pixie page and everything. They should have already been posted, but PH always seems to be running late when it comes to that kind of thing 😉


  4. Posted by Michal ( aka zevmichalmoore or sunrise starbeam) on May 2, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Hey marigold-when the new clothes come out, do you want me to do more mix and matches?


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