May Fashion Preview

This has been quite the season for fashion, Fairies! And there’s more to come … on Thursday, the May shop collections are going to bring fun and flowery fashions to Pixie Hollow. Look for the much-requested fashion on my right at the Post Office and the Dianthus flower-inspired dress on my left in Summit Style! New shop collections will also arrive at Neville’s New Homes and Harmony’s Home Collection on Thursday. Remember: Many collections will be retiring from the shops to make room for all the new styles, so be sure to pick up anything you’ve had your eye on now!

Can’t wait to see the outfits you put together with the new collections! Meet me in Dewdrop Vale on Thursday, May 3 around 3 PM Pixie Standard Time for your chance to be in the May Fashion Spotlight. Also, be sure to take a look at the May Calendar, because a very, very special Fairy will be visiting the Ballroom this weekend!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: What items are retiring at Gale’s and the Post Office?
A: Outfits #2, #3, and #5 will be retiring from Gale’s, and Gift Set #1 and #4 will be retiring from the Pixie Post Office.

Q: Do you have anything special planed for us sparrow men? I mean, we only had two stores and now we only have one. I’m starting to feel left out. They even took half of the outfits out of our sewing. Please tell me there will be a new store soon for us guys.
A: Sparrow Men actually have three stores they can shop at — Coal’s Clothiers, the Pixie Post Office, and Cassie’s Costume Shop. Get ready because new Sparrow Men fashions arrive at Coal’s and the Post Office on Thursday!

Q: Is the necklace you’re wearing one of the new items coming out?
A: Good eyes! My necklace and more Twirly Jewelry will be coming to Bella’s Baubles on Thursday!


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The Dianthus dress on the left looks kind of cute…maybe too many ruffles for my liking, but it’s still cute. I’m totally not feeling the “much-requested” mainland outfit on the right. You would NEVER see that outfit on Tinker Bell or any other famous fairy in Pixie Hollow, that’s for sure  😛 

Aside from still being sick and not feeling the greatest, I’m kind of bummed out and grumpy after reading all the posts on the forums about the changes that happened last Thursday in the Hollow. I understand that many Members are upset and just blowing off steam (and some of their complaints are completely justified), but in the process, some are saying things about non-Members in general that are really hurtful and untrue. They make it sound like non-Members are undeserving to share in ANY of their privileges. Some Members sound so ungrateful and petty that I literally rolled my eyes quite a few times as I read their comments. All I have to say is good riddens if they decide to quit PH. They have been Members for so long that they have no idea what it’s like anymore. Sometimes, you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.

Having just become a Member less than a month ago, I’m SUPER crazy happy about the changes to the games. Back in 2010, ALL fairies used to be able to play ALL the games, but the non-Members just couldn’t play on the “Royal” level. Suddenly, new games were released that only Members could play and non-Members were restricted to only playing on the “Easy” level. I feel like the unnecessary bans have finally been lifted, and non-Members can actually feel challenged again when playing games. Also, it used to take non-Members forever to level up, so this now allows them a chance to level up faster and possibly have fun while do so. I couldn’t be happier about this change! I have been complaining to the Never Council forever about this  😛 

I am questioning the change to allow non-Members into the Wilderness, though. Many Members have been complaining that the non-Members can’t keep what they bake, so they don’t have enough pixie dust to finish if they run out of cookies or other sweets during the adventure. All fairies can grow sweets in the new gardens, but that requires diamonds, so I’m not sure why this allowance was made without some restrictions.

What are your thoughts?


5 responses to this post.

  1. I am actually loving the whole non-member-in-the-wilderness thing. Okay, so maybe some of the non-members who are *ahem* not the sharpest tool in the shed go into the Wilderness with their 10-dust pouches and ruin the adventure for everyone else, but if you’re doing the Bubbly Bog, you only need, like, 100 dust.
    I’m also not really liking the new May styles… except I do love the necklace Marina is wearing 🙂


  2. Posted by Twilight Waterwish on May 3, 2012 at 9:15 am

    I don’t know if I am into the new May styles. Some atyles are very cute and others I would never buy.


    • Only Summit Style and Bella’s has new stuff as of right now, so the other stores will probably update later this afternoon. So far, I wasn’t totally wowed by anything I saw. I’m wondering if the Queen’s Boutique will update today. I’m interested to see if the inventory increases by more than 1,000 since they sold out in like 4 days last time 😛


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