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Hey, pixie pals! Hope you’re having fun checking out the new collections that hit the Hollow today. It seems Erica, Spring, and Gale needed a little extra time to prepare their collections, so the Queen’s Boutique, Pixie Post Office, and Gale’s Outfitters will all have new fashions TOMORROW, May 4. Two days of new fashions sounds pretty sweet to me!

Now, on to some more exciting news! Recently, I got to interview Brook all about her new gardening shop in Dewdrop Vale. Here’s what she had to say:

Sweet Pea:

Got any tips for aspiring green thumbs?


Plants need a daily dose of Pixie Dust! Without it, they’ll start to wilt. If this happens, click the Rescue button to bring your plant back to life.

Sweet Pea:

What if you’re tired of waiting for your plants to grow? 5, 3, and even 1 days can feel like forever!


You can use Insta-Bloom, which costs one Pixie Diamond for every day your plant has left until it’s full-grown.

Sweet Pea:

Can other Fairies help you take care of your plants?


Yes, actually! Did you know plants love singing? Your friends can sing to your plants, and, if they fill up the bonus bar before your plant is full-grown, you’ll get a bonus prize!

Sweet Pea:

Sweet, that sounds plant-tastic! Thanks for giving us the scoop on gardens!

Also, check out the Pixie Postings for a sneak peek at one of the new dresses coming to the Queen’s Boutique tomorrow!

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: I planted two packs of shoe seeds, and they yielded the exact same shoes! That’s not random like shop promises  😦 
A:  I asked Brook about this — She told me that while rewards are random, some seeds are more likely to grow certain prizes and less likely to grow others. This may explain why you received two of the same rewards for your shoe seeds.

Q: Can we sing to our own plants?
A: You can sing to your friends’ plants, but not your own. Just fly to their gardens and click on their plants. You’ll see a little music note icon — click that to sing!

Q: Since the new fashions (at least most of them) aren’t coming till tomorrow, is Marina still doing the spotlight today?
A: Marina will still be flying in for her Fashion Spotlight this afternoon. She’ll be looking for Fairies who have mixed and matched the latest fashions from Summit Style, Bella’s Baubles, Coal’s Clothier’s, the Queen’s Boutique, and Cassie’s Costume Shop! You may want to try to arrive early before a crowd gathers!

Q: I thought Marina said we were suppose to get Twirly Jewelry? I went to Bella’s and I didn’t see any! What happened???
A: Marina got her dates mixed up. We can look forward to the Twirly Jewelry at Bella’s Baubles in June. Sorry for the confusion!

Q: Do ALL players get to earn the badge for helping the baby animals?
A: The Animal Mother’s Day badges for taking care of the animals will be for ALL players!


To read the original post and all comments, click here.


You had to see this coming from a mile away  😛  Most pixies I run into while trying to sing at my friends’ gardens don’t seem to know what to do. I don’t think Sweet Pea’s post cleared everything up, but at least it’s a start.

It’s so unfair that Marina is still doing the spotlight today since not all the new clothes are available  😦 

If anyone gets a change to see Marina today, good luck in getting picked for the spotlight!!!  😀 

Here’s what I was going to wear to try to get Marina’s attention to get in the spotlight, but the server was full and my connection was running at a snail’s pace:

I thought it looked good  😉  What outfits did you wear?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lilac on May 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Cool i got picked for the spotlight last year. i dont remember what for tho -blushes –


  2. Yay… I guess it’s cool that the fashions are coming in on 2 days, but I was kind of looking forward to the PPO outfits ’cause I thought it might be the last dress…


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