Queen’s Boutique – New Dresses

Gale’s Outfitters, Pixie Post Office, and Queen’s Boutique were finally updated this morning.

Here are the two new dresses at the Queen’s Boutique:

I think these two gowns are GORGEOUS! The last two were really pretty, but these are so glamorous and worthy of royalty! I wish I could buy both, but I won’t even be able to purchase one before they sell out. I saw tons of fairies flying around in the Emerald Dreams Gown already today. Why do they have to be so expensive?!?

Going to Gale’s was REALLY disappointing. She needed a whole extra day for ONE new outfit that has pieces that were just there a couple of months ago??? Really?!? They may put more in later today since they have the space, but I won’t get my hopes up…

I don’t care for either of the new outfits at the PPO. Enough said.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. It is going to be SO difficult for me to make an Outfit of the Month. Ugh!
    I hate how they spent a lot of time on the Queen’s Boutique items, but the rest of the new items just look…contrived. Not quality items. Pixie Diamonds are totally corrupting the system.


    • I know! It’s like they don’t even care anymore unless it involves tons of Pixie Diamonds. The fact that they were late getting the PPO, Gale’s, and the Queen’s clothes out told me that whoever was designing the clothes was focusing on just the Queen’s Boutique and the others wouldn’t be the best. The one at the PPO that was “much requested” was an outfit I think they had out before, so they just dyed it different colors and re-released it. That takes, what, 5 minutes? And the one at Gale’s had the same top and skirt that were there a couple months ago – but different colors. Gesh! >=(


      • Yes, I remember the top at Gale’s was from February, but a different color. And I think the outfit in the Pixie Post Office was very similar to the Songbird Chic collection last May – http://www.disneysonlineworlds.com/index.php/Songbird_Chic
        And you can actually tailor the items in the Pixie Post Office- the Earth, Wind and Fairy items can be tailored at Level 21.
        Infuriating! They didn’t even try…
        The outfit in the PPO was much requested? That’s news to me. I don’t like how they always emulate mainland fashions instead of creating their own.
        Same, I can’t believe they made us wait for an entire day to re-release items that were for sale just a few months ago in Gale’s.
        Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like the re-released items – like the butterfly collection in Summit Style, but I DON’T like when they re-release an item from just a few months ago, which they have recently been doing.


  2. Posted by Ivy on May 4, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Hi Marigold when i flew into gales and saw the new outfit…. i made an outfit just like that! – ivy ps : no kidding 🙂


    • That’s awesome, Ivy! Maybe someone on the Never Council saw you flying around in that outfit and decided to use your mix & match idea 😀 It’s a really pretty outfit, too. Great job, fellow fashionista!


  3. Posted by Amber on May 6, 2012 at 10:11 am

    The outfit in the PPO reminds me of flappers


  4. I wish I had that green dress for free 0_0… I really need 70 pixie diamonds can U give me 70 pixie diamonds? love, Sarah


    • Hi Sarah – I understand that you really like the new green dress and wish you had it, but asking others to just give you 70 diamonds isn’t appropriate. Even though I’m a Member now, I have been saving my pixie diamonds and am not anywhere close to having 70. The Queen’s Boutique doesn’t work like the PPO – I can’t just gift you the dress or even gift you diamonds. You have to either ask your parents if you can purchase diamonds on the website, or save your diamonds from leveling up. Plus, the dresses seem to be getting better and better at the boutique, so if you wait long enough for the next round of dresses, there maybe one even better than the green one!


  5. I love the new boutique! It’s a perfect place to go when going to parties or to a play in the theatre! Marigold, I finally got my blog up, which is so flitterific, so would you mind checking it out?


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