May Fashion Spotlight

Wow! You took Fairy fashion to new heights this month with your flitterific outfits! Because you pixies always put so much thought into mixing, matching, and dyeing your outfits, Fairies featured in the Fashion Spotlight now receive a badge for the honor! Congratulations to these Fairies, as well as past winners, on their shiny new badges:

See you in June for the next Fashion Spotlight! Also, here’s some flitterific news for those of us who love to shop: The Pixie Post Office will be turning over its selection more often, starting with new fashions next Thursday! If you’ve had your eye on the Lyria Dress or Mermaid Outfit, be sure to get them soon. Keep your eye on the Calendar for the announcement of future shop updates.

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: How do you get into the fashion spotlight?
A: Good question, pixie pal! Every month I tell Fairies where and when to meet me, and then I choose from the Fairies who show up for my Fashion Spotlight.

Q: Marina, when will you be coming back for the next fashion spotlight?
A: I’ll be back in June for the June Fashion Spotlight. Can’t wait to see your summery pixie styles!

Q: Will old fashion spotlight winners get the new badge too?
A: Yes! Past Fashion Spotlight winners were granted the badge too — look in your Leaf Journal!

Q: Is there going to be a fairy fashion design contest this year?
A: We’re hoping to have one later this year. You pixies come up with the most amazing and creative designs!


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IT’S ABOUT TIME, NEVER COUNCIL!!! Ever since Marina started the Fashion Spotlights, pixies have been complaining that they don’t get a badge to prove they were selected. Marina said that past winners will also get the badge, so that’s super awesome. Congrats to all the winners!  😀 

Also, the Never Council finally addressed my repeated complaints about how they needed to have separate pictures of all the winners so we can see what they’re wearing. FINALLY!!!  😛

Now, the only fashion-related issue left is to find out when they’re releasing the last two dresses from the Pixie Post Office. I asked Marina about it in the comment section, but I think the moderator trashed it because it’s not showing up  😦  I think it’s cool that they’re going to rotate clothes out faster at the PPO twice a month instead of once a month…but that also means less time to save up diamonds to buy items from there…I’m torn now. They should really do this at Gale’s shop instead since all the clothes for sale have been previously released or are currently available to tailor. What do you think?

On a sidenote, Heron PROMISED me that he will be posting on here tomorrow. He missed the April installment of “What Heron Heard” so May’s better be worth the wait  😉



Marina answered my question about the PPO dresses!!!!!

Marigold Sunjewel says:

Can we expect to see the last two dresses on display in the PPO that haven’t been released yet released soon??? I so would love to have the flowery purple one!  =D 

Marina says:

That would be flaptastic, Marigold Sunjewel! I’ll be sure to suggest it to Shopkeeper Spring. Wings crossed!

Her response sounds hopeful, but I won’t hold my breath for either of them being released next week. At the very least, they could re-release Silvermist’s dress since they don’t have to do anything to it  😛 



5 responses to this post.

  1. Well, Marigold, when I browse through these old posts of yours, I get a clear view of what Pixie Hollow used to be, when it was new and before it closed. The pictures are awesome as well. I really hope Pixie Hollow opens again, so we don’t have to keep posting about memories. 😉 Plus, I really do want to see you posting again about fashion, events and latest news if Pixie Hollow ever re-opens. You are awesome. :’D


    • Thank you so much, Sarah 😀
      I also really wish that Pixie Hollow would reopen so we don’t have to post about the memories :`(
      I would love to post about everything going on in the Hollow again 🙂 It was so much fun and I really enjoyed doing it.


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