Critter Sitters

Hey, pixie pals! Have you met the CritterSitters yet? They’re helping us take care of the cute baby animals during Animal Mother’s Day. Check out these critterific snapshots from their visits, and look on the Calendar for even more chances to meet them!

Also, I’m very excited to announce Pixie Hollow’s official Facebook Page, brought to you by your friendly Never Council. We invite Fairy fans ages 13 and older to like us on Facebook for the latest Pixie Hollow news, fashions, snapshots, videos, and more!

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: I haven’t seen the Critter Sitters yet! Could you tell me where they would be next?
Your next chance to meet the CritterSitters is Thursday at 3 PM Pixie Standard Time in Snowcap Glade! Check the Calendar for all the details, including a countdown:

Q: Where can we get the shirt with the paw that the fairy is wearing in the photo?
The Big Paw Tee isn’t currently available in shops, but if enough pixies ask for it, maybe the shopkeepers will bring it back!

Q: I wasn’t able to see Fawn  😦  When will she be back next?
A: Fawn will be back again this weekend!

Q: Will we get any more chances to meet Queen Clarion?
A: Queen Clarion loved meeting all of you pixies so much that I’m sure she’ll be back sometime in the future. Be sure to check the calendar, because the CritterSitters, Fawn, and Kit are all visiting this month!

Q: How long will the Animal Friends be at lower prices? Is it just until the end of the event?
A: Everybody’s loving the lower prices for Animal Friends so much that we’ve decided to keep them!

Q: I noticed one of the gowns in the Queen’s Boutique sold out. Can you please tell me when they will sell new ones?
A: I just talked to Erica, and it sounds like she’ll be restocking the Queen’s Boutique with new dresses as soon as Thursday (5/17/2012)!


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A Facebook page? Really?  :rolls eyes:  That explains why things have been late coming out and why the posts are so short. They’re too busy messing around with Facebook to make the real Pixie Hollow website better. Makes perfect sense…

In other news, if you are a Member and haven’t been to The Ballroom yet, you should stop by a.s.a.p. and collect your Animal Mother’s Day gifts:

They’re not as cute as the real thing, but they’re still cute and cuddly  😉 

Thoughts? Let me know  🙂 


8 responses to this post.

  1. All I can say is, ‘UGH!’ About the facebook thing. Totally ridiculous.
    Why dont they use their time on the main site??

    I almost forgot about the plushies!
    My storage was full, until I flew there for a rose quad, I would of totally forgot about them. Hehe.

    I feel like there wasnt really any reason to make a new post just about the crittersitters, they just needed a reason to talk about the facebook thing. Also, dont they usually wait until ALL of the visits are over before posting the screen shots of the event? Hmm….


    • I totally agree – there really was no reason for this post other than to announce the Facebook thing. I thought Marina might post a sneak peek for the new PPO outfits coming out tomorrow, but I wasn’t even close.


  2. I like the kitten very much. I own three cats in real. 😀
    Which is your favorite, Marigold ?


  3. dear marigold can u plz plz tell me how i can find pixie hollow official facebook page? my age is more than 12


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