Plant-tastic Challenge

Calling all green thumbs! We’re looking for the most flitterific Fairy Gardens in honor of Nature Days, which starts next week. Up to the challenge? Deck out your Fairy Garden with decorations and plant some seeds. Then, invite your friends over and take a snapshot (instructions here). Bonus points for a snapshot that includes a friend singing to your plants!

When you’ve got the pixie perfect snapshot, submit it to the Share Your Creativity Page as “art.” You have one week – the last day to enter the challenge is Thursday, May 24. We’ll feature some of our favorites later this month, and those Fairies will earn the Flitterific Home Design badge!

Keep it dusty,



Q: Sounds great but how do you take a snapshot?
A: You can find instructions for taking a screenshot at the bottom of this page: Have fun decorating your garden!

Q: Do your plants have to be fully grown before you take a screen shot?
A: Your plants can be at any growth stage in your snapshot. Can’t wait to see your decked out Fairy Garden!

Q: I was trying to buy items to decorate my garden, but it says I don’t have enough storage space  😦  I only have a table and 3 chairs!
A: The tinker-talents just made some flaptastic improvements to Fairy Gardens last night — Fairy Garden and Fairy Home storage limits are now separate, and you can now place up to 75 items in your garden! If you’re still having trouble making your cafe, please message our Customer Support team.


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I know Sweet Pea or Marina usually post about new clothes and such in the Never News Blog, but since Kit is the only person on the Never Council posting today, why didn’t she at least mention that there are new clothes at the PPO and the Queen’s Boutique? I would think a lot of fairies would find that news important…

And did you read Tabby’s Tell-All in the Pixie Postings? It’s all old stuff that was probably asked a couple of weeks ago. It’s like Tabby just picked the easiest questions to answer. And, by the way, she really didn’t answer the first question about getting new animal friends at Beck’s shop. I hardly ever read Tabby’s posts anymore, because she’s losing her journalistic touch. Being a the writing-talent she is, she needs to stay AHEAD of the news, not behind it. Apparently the pen that is always with her is out of ink or something  😛  They either need to give the job to someone else or tell Tabby to stop slacking off! They probably have her writing on the PH Facebook page instead *sigh* As I’ve said before, I would happily take Tabby’s position and stay devoted to helping pixies in need – which is why I created this blog in the first place. VOTE MARIGOLD SUNJEWEL FOR NEVER COUNCIL’S PIXIE POSTINGS WRITER!  😉 

Since it wasn’t mentioned at all, here is a picture of the two new dresses at the Queen’s Boutique:

Yes, they’re both amazingly beautiful dresses, but I wasn’t as totally wowed by them…Last week’s dresses were the best so far in my opinion. What do you think?

Also, there is a new gift set and a new accessory set at the Pixie Post Office:

The ballerina dress is kind of cute – especially the tutu skirt and ballet slippers, but they’re too pricey for me to consider right now. The earrings look crazy HUGE on me!  😮  I would never spend 7 diamonds to have them either!

If you missed it in the Q&A from Tuesday’s updated post, Sweet Pea revealed that the lower prices on Animal Friends is here to stay!  😀  That means if you’re still wanting to get a pet before Animal Mother’s Day ends next week, you can keep saving to buy one!

Rosejewel brought me two new gifts today:

And before you ask, even though the pictures look like Rosie brought me gifts one right after the other since I’m in the same area, I’ve been having to play Petal Pick-Up A LOT for Rosetta’s quests (I’m so sick of it now), so Rosie brought me the gifts before and after I played the talent game a few times.

I was a little ticked at Vidia’s Spin today, because I already got the cat ears last week and I got them AGAIN today. Why??? I’ve been winning a lot of ingredients and an occasional rock or bottle of dye, but nothing too exciting lately.

Well, that’s all I have to complain about for right now  😉  I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below ❤



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Olivia on May 18, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    Marigold – I’m saving for a animal friend, so Im gonna get about like 15 diamonds and then get the rest through a membership i hope im going to get. Could you post a picture of the membership card you used? Like, the three month membership card.


  2. Posted by Kambertyn Vann on June 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    I would vote for you Marigold to do Tabby’s Job… you definitely give more information!


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