Spring Formalwear at PPO

To my surprise, I got this message this morning:

I didn’t realize that the post office was getting new clothes every Thursday! There was no mention of it in the Never News Blog, so it took me completely by surprise  😮 

Here is the new outfit (Gift Set #2) in Twilight Blue and Pomegranate Purple:

Pretty, huh?  😉  I especially love the shoes and the skirt. I would like the top more if the little flower was removed and used in a cute sash or bracelet. I think the entire outfit would look more formal without that flower being on the top. What do you think?

Tabby also answered one question that was current in the Pixie Postings:

The other question was super old about the sing emote for gardens. I know Sweet Pea and possibly even Marina covered that in the Never News weeks ago.

In other news, awesome contributor and super fantastic fairy Clover Oaksprout is celebrating her Arrival Day tomorrow, May 26th!!!  😀 

To wish Clover a happy arrival day, you can visit her pixie page by clicking here.

For those of you on the main land, I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!  😀


8 responses to this post.

  1. the outfits look sooo great on you! love it 🙂


  2. Happy Arrival Day to Clover! I sent a message!


  3. Random observation: The three free seed Pixie Hollow used to provide to new fairies no longer exist; new fairies must buy the seeds just like everybody else. Kind of annoying :/


  4. The new clothes are flitterific! I am gonna try and get my hands on them.
    And Happy A-Day Clover Oaksprout!


  5. Ugh, there’s been nothing new for FOUR DAYS! The Never Council should’ve realized that for us to play lots and lots of Pixie Hollow (which they want us to do) they need to stagger the release of new items so we don’t get bored. Don’t any of the fairies on the Never Council have young pixies?!?


  6. Thanks everyone for the Arrival Day wishes! I was busy on the mainland on my actual arrival day, but I had a party yesterday to celebrate. I plan on having another soon since my house is already decorated. Stop by to enjoy some sweets!


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