Flitterific Fairy Gardens

Thanks to everybody who rose to the plant-tastic challenge and sent in their Fairy Garden! The amazing snapshots included flowing waterfalls, gorgeous gazebos, garden tea parties, concerts, and more. Check out our favorites, including Crystal Moonbeam’s garden pictured above, and maybe you’ll get some ideas for your own Fairy Garden. I know I’m inspired!

In celebration of Nature Days, there’s a seed packet giveaway for your Fairy Gardens in the Ballroom. Members, be sure to pick it up by June 6!

Keep it dusty,



Q: Are we going to have another house or garden design contest in June, Kit?
A: We like to do challenges like this every few months. Let us know your theme ideas for the next one!

Q: Where did you get the pond and the heart swing? I would love to put them in my garden, but I cannot find them in the fairy furniture stores.
A: Both of those items are from past shop collections. If enough pixies request them, the shopkeepers will think about bringing them back!

Q: When will there be new outfits at the Queen’s Boutique?
A: As soon as the current Queen’s Boutique dresses sell out, Shopkeeper Spring will work on restocking with gorgeous new gowns! New fashion arrivals are always posted on the Calendar, so keep an eye out! (Kit is a little mixed up, because Spring is the shopkeeper of the Pixie Post Office. Erica is the shopkeeper at the Queen’s Boutique.)


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Pixies really went above and beyond with this garden contest! There were so many good ones, it’s no wonder Kit featured so many  😀 

Nothing much else to report on right now…The June calendar doesn’t have anything new on it and no one on the Never Council wants to tell us about new clothes coming out next week – or even the possibility that another new outfit will hit the PPO this Thursday. *sigh*

What are your thoughts about the gardens? Which one was your favorite?


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