June 2012 Fashion Preview

Hey, Fairy friends! Summer’s just a flap, flit and a flutter away, and so are new fashions! The June shop collections arrive one week from today, just in time for the Garden Tea Party. You’ll look pixie perfect for the occasion in the wonderful outfit pictured above, coming to the Pixie Post Office! We can also look forward to new sunny and throwback styles at Summit Style and, of course, teatime outfits at Cassie’s Costumes. Plus, Bella’s Baubles will have new twirly and ribbon accessories!

As always, many items will be leaving the shops to make room for these new collections, so be sure to pick up anything you’ve had your eye on this week!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Q: What clothes will be retiring from Summit Style?
A: Both butterfly gowns at Summit Style are to-fly-for — get them now before they fly away!

Q: Which collections will be leaving the Pixie Post Office?
A: Flaptastic question, but I don’t know yet! Your best bet is to pick up any of the Gift Sets that you’ve had your eye on, in case they leave the shop next Thursday.

Q: What things are leaving Gale’s Outfitters?
A: Featured Outfits #2 and #4 at Gale’s will be leaving to make room for two new pixie-inspired outfits.

Q: Will there also be new furniture?
A: There definitely will be new furniture, including plant-tastic items for your Fairy Gardens!

Q: When you are visiting next, Marina?
A: I’ll be flying in for my Fashion Spotlight soon after the new fashions come out. Check back next week to find out when and where to meet me. I cant wait to see your creative outfits — you pixies always amaze me!

Q: Where is the garden tea party going be?
A: With summertime just around the corner, the Garden Tea Party will be taking place in the summer meadows and – of course! – the tearoom.


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I LOVE that they’re bringing back the Alice in Wonderland outfit! It was always one of my favorites, because Alice is one of my favorite Disney characters  😀  The dress is a little different this time around, but to see what the dress will nearly look like, click here to see my post when the “Wonderland Collection” was first released in March 2010. I’m just bummed that it’s going to be in the post office – so that means diamonds only and overpriced  😛     

In other news, I have been playing games a lot lately to try to level up faster using the “Play All ” button. I just made it to Level 14 and Rosejewel brought me a new gift:

Also, I’m going to change my hairstyle for the month of June to that cute high pony tale. It definitely will look more summery on me than my current look  😉 

What are you looking forward to in June? They just posted the new calendar, and I am SOOOO excited that my mentor Rosetta will be visiting 4 times! I HAVE to meet her before my Membership runs out!


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lavender on June 2, 2012 at 8:05 am

    i really like marinas dress! i want it came out, dont you?


  2. Posted by Kambertyn Vann on June 2, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Hey Marigold… it’s Lily Wildheart… a Member Fairy from Pixie Hollow… I’d like to be your friend and fly with you in Pixie Hollow but I don’t know when you fly and I haven’t seen you yet… I sure do enjoy your Postings and when I can’t fly I can always look at your page here and enjoy the Hollow anyway… well, I hope to meet you someday and visit your Home and Garden… I love to sing to Plants to bring them to BONUS so you get a surprise… I’ve had it done for me one time and it was great… have a good rest of the day! Lily Wildheart!


    • Posted by Kambertyn Vann on June 2, 2012 at 3:43 pm

      whoops… I forgot to check the boxes to get instant replys 🙂


    • lilly wild heart i no u um marigold are u a member i am i want to help u with this website its so cool your fairy is pretty too there is something i want i want to tell the never council to have u buy stuff at the pixie post office and the queens with diamonds and ingredients your friend charlotte diamonds swirls


  3. Posted by Rachel Diamondtwinkle on June 2, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    You use my Question 😀 Yay! Hey, how do you send silly treats?


  4. OMG! they brought back the checkered little hats!!!!!! Woot!


  5. marigold you should get the marigold codes on here i would love that try to find me in the hollow im charlotte diamonds swirls


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