2012 Garden Tea Party

Hints of summer are in the air, and Pixie Hollow’s welcoming the warmer weather with the Garden Tea Party, starting June 7!

Cassie’s Costume Shop will be your first stop for “tea-riffic” party hats! Wear the festive hats in the Tearoom and at the decorated tea tables set up in Neverfruit Grove, Sunflower Gully and Palm Tree Cove to earn badges, prepare tea, and share teatime treats with your pixie pals. Read the signposts to find out more!

Also during the party, Fairy Tale Theater will turn into a kitchen, where you can cook up yummy treats. Plus, Rosetta will need pixies’ help cooking up a sweet feast on her quest for Members! To top it all off, Rosetta and baking-talent Dulcie will be celebrating with pixies in the Tearoom, Fairy Tale Theater Kitchen, and public parties named “Delicious Tea Party”. Keep your eye on the Calendar so you don’t miss them!

Sweet Pea


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