Autumn Equinox (9/22 – 10/1/12)


Autumn’s set to arrive in Pixie Hollow this Saturday, September 22. But first, the leaf-painting talents need our help getting ready! Change the leaves from green to red with leaf painting machines in the autumn meadows, and go on Tinker Bell’s quest for ALL players to earn a special badge.

Wings crossed that everything goes smoothly, the Minister of Autumn has these fun fall activities planned to celebrate the season, starting September 22:

  • Golden Acorn Hunt – find all 12 golden acorns hidden in the autumn meadows. Read the signposts for a hint!
  • New Seed Packs at Brook’s Garden Supply Shop!
  • Minister of Autumn appearances in the Ballroom – check the Calendar for times!
  • A golden gift for Members in the Ballroom!
  • New Autumn 2012 Seasonal Gathering badges!

Sweet Pea



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  1. Any codes 😀


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