Make It Snow!

Make it Snow!

Winter prep is under way! Usually we light up the sky so the frost-talents can work around-the-clock making snowflakes, but Iridessa has that under control this year. Instead, we get to help make snowflakes! Go see Silvermist for her Snowflakes Quest for Members and earn the Ice Palace Key 2012 badge, which you’ll need for the Winter Wonderland Party later this month.

Plus, new winter fashions arrive both today AND Thursday! Put together a wintry outfit and meet Marina for her Fashion Spotlight Thursday, December 6th, at 4 PM Pixie Standard Time on the ice rink in Snowcap Glade (Top 10 Servers)!

Happy flapping,

Sweet Pea


Q: I guess I won’t meet the minister of winter  😦  Good luck for you guys who are Members.
A: Cheer up, pixie pal! You can still meet the frost-tastic Snowfairies — check the Calendar for the times and locations of their visits!

Q: Love new outfits but wish you would only bring out new things in the Queen & Post Office once a month. It would give me and others more time to save up to get some of the wonderful outfits that you create. Can you tell me what outfits are leaving on Thursday, please?
A: Thanks for letting us know how we can make Pixie Hollow even better! The Sailor Outfit will be leaving the Pixie Post Office on Thursday to make room for a new wintry outfit. Happy flapping!

Q: I see Peri in the picture along with Sil. Will she be making a reappearance back in the Hollow anytime soon?
A: Periwinkle is the one who gave the OK for us all to help Sil make snowflakes. She won’t be visiting Pixie Hollow this month, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again the future!

Q: If someone earns the Ice Palace Key, but they cancel their Membership before the 21st of December, will they still have access to the Ice Palace?
A: That’s a really good question! You’ll need to be a Member AND have the badge to visit the Ice Palace. So if you cancel your Membership before the 21st, you won’t be able to visit the Ice Palace even if you have the badge. Make sense?

Q: When will the Ice Palace going to be open and where will it be?
A: The Ice Palaces opens on December 21 in Chilly Falls! Can’t wait!

Q: When we meet the Minister of Winter, will we actually be able to be a Snow Talent?
A: You can always become an honorary snow-talent! Go on Silvermist’s new quest for Members to help her make snow, just like the Frost Fairies!


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Although I’ve never been able to help with the Member-only quest of lighting up the sky, it was always one of my favorite times to visit the meadows and see all the beautiful lights. I’m sad that it’s gone this year 😦


See my previous post about the Ice Palace and the Winter Wonderland Party. Also, search my blog to see posts and pics from previous years’ winter party  😉



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Emily on December 5, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    I wish they would do more 4 nonmembers. It would great if they gave gifts out on a Christmas countdown or something or maybe Christmas codes 4 non-members


  2. Posted by Tessa on December 14, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    I like it the way it is, cuz im a member xD


  3. but wat happens when that runs out ?


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