Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets

BIG thanks again to all the pixies out there who blog about Pixie Hollow and are willing to share their sites, secrets, and info with other fairies  😀  There were so many amazing entries that I’m going to feature as many as I can this month! Pixie hugs to everyone ❤


The first blog I’m featuring is called “Pixie Hollow’s Little Secrets” written by the awesome Crystal Airshine.


Crystal posts on her blog about once a week with Pixie Hollow news, fashion, secrets, challenges, events, and more! She also posts tons of helpful pics, so it makes her site really colorful and fun to read.


This blog has TONS of info to check out! In addition to blogging, Crystal has different sections for a Pixie Hollow Gallery (HUGE collection of pics and screen shots), about the blog, her fairies, her channel on YouTube, news/announcements, Pixie Hollow Chat, a direct link to play Pixie Hollow (a must have), a Facebook page, and look inside her pixie closet!


What makes Crystal’s blog different from so many others out there is the use of social media. I love that she has a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and a place to chat right in her blog!



Visit Crystal’s blog today and leave her a comment saying Marigold sent you  😉   We need to encourage Crystal to keep up her awesome work!


Click here to check out Crystal’s blog!



14 responses to this post.

  1. Nice, Marigold


  2. Oh my god i’m so excited! Marigold thank you so much for your kind words but for also taking the time to check out my blog and do a review on it! You are pixie-tastic and i’m really greatful 😀
    Yours~Crystal Airshine


  3. I’m impressed, are you spotlighting more blogs?


  4. hey marigold plz see these two blogs. www.http://pixielove777.wordpress.com/
    that is my blog and plz see http://joytwinklebell.wordpress.com/ im an author on hers.


  5. Mine’s back in business!


  6. Posted by Buttercup who got hacked on August 7, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    Marigold sun jewel! I love ur blogs and I got hacked 😦


  7. This is wonderful. and do you have a chat box?


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