Fly With You, Minerva

The third blog I’m featuring is called “Fly With You, Minerva” written by the awesomely talented Minerva.

Fly With You, Minerva

Minerva’s blog is fairly new, but it’s LOADED with screenshots and TONS of helpful info!  :D 

Recently, she posted info and pics showing all the new fashions and furniture that were released on August 1st. She did such an amazing job! She even did some Mix & Match!!! This is one talented fairy with an eye for design and has a great sense of humor  ;) 


Minerva has a few different sections on her blog, including a bio, archive, secret codes, and an awesome shopping guide.


What makes Minerva’s blog different from the others is her professional look and highly detailed posts  🙂 

Minerva’s Guide to Shopping is also super helpful:


Visit Minerva’s blog today and leave her a comment saying Marigold sent you  ;)   We need to encourage Minerva to keep posting and sharing her incredible talent with us!


Click here to check out Minerva’s blog!



3 responses to this post.

  1. Note to Minerva:
    I tried to comment on your latest post, but I kept getting an error message 😦

    Anyway, I was trying to contact you about an available position on my blog if you’re interested…Let me know how to contact you with more info 😉


    • (This is Minerva on my WordPress account)

      Hmm… I don’t know what might have happened 😦

      Wow! A position on your blog sounds awesome! 😀
      I’d love to be a guest author. However, there’s always the concern of whether Pixie Hollow is opening again… (It’s closing)


  2. Posted by Sarah on August 21, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Listen Marigold! Pixie Hollow is closing forever! I AM VERY SAD! See the website for more information.


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