Mix & Match – Gale’s Outfitters

Fly with you pixie pals! Wow, it’s been a while, but I’m back and better then ever 🙂

I tried to gather enough screenshots to be able to continue some mix & matching after the closing of Pixie Hollow. So with great pleasure, I bring forth two mix & matches for you 🙂

Mix & Match 1:

Gale MMR

This floral dress is perfect for spring! The brilliant red with some black accents make a fabulous  I guess I was inspired by all the red I saw in Gale’s. Plus, I’ve always loved the Morpho Butterfly Sash and Top. I didn’t like how the Butterfly Sash would always look so weird with all my other skirts so I mixed and matched out a nice red skirt that didn’t actually make the sash look awkward and oddly angled. Boots with a pretty skirt was always a favorite pairing of mine. Since the skirt is so short, I think it works quite well. For those fairies who are uncomfortable with boots, some lovely flats dyed a similar colour will also work out perfectly. 😀 The only things I would change about this are the colors. I would dye the skirt Strawberry Red to match the top and belt. Then, I’d probably dye the belt black and the boots Strawberry Red and Raven Black.

Moving on to the second mix & match… Fans of wintry colours, this is for you!

Gale MMW

It’s like mixing winter colours and summer styles together. I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with the White Rose dress the minute I saw it. I adore white since it’s so clean and pristine. I just had to use the skirt – it’s just too gorgeous! The fox top went so perfectly that I couldn’t resist… The beautiful flower headpiece and light blue sandals complete this dreamy look that could look great in summer or winter! It might be a little chilly in winter so I suggest a long blue coat to go along with it! 😀 The one thing I would change is probably the shadows in the skirt. It might just be me but it looks a little awkward with the top. Well, can’t be helped.

Have a favorite? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave me a comment 😉

Fly With You,



10 responses to this post.

  1. Cool! I love the second mix & match, the white rose skirt is so pretty 🙂


  2. Yay! I LOVE mix and matches, they’re always so creative and pretty….

    Thanks so much for doing these, I wish I saved mine….


  3. I like the second one too, I’m a pretty big fan of cool colors. 😉


  4. They BOTH are to fly for!


  5. Both M&Ms are awesome, Minerva! 😀
    I wish I could go make them for myself right now…


  6. They both are AWESOME. It’s awesome how u people me and match and create a completely GREAT outfit. 😀


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