Remembering Mermaid Grotto & Silly Days

Remembering Mermaid Grotto & Silly Days

Who could forget the elusive and glamorous Mermaid Grotto?


Mermaid Grotto was in a secret location that only Members could gain access to by completing a quest that would give them a key badge. Personally, I wanted to see Mermaid Grotto so badly that I waited to use my 3-Month Membership card until it opened in 2012  😉

Silly Days was an event that was similar to April Fool’s Day on the Mainland. The fairies celebrated by telling jokes, dressing up in crazy clown-like outfits, and just acting silly for fun  🙂


Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about the Mermaid Grotto and the Silly Days event:


March 2009 ~*~ Silly Days

Silly Days was an event introduced to Pixie Hollow on March 26, 2009. It included jokes and silly stories displayed on the Pixie Postings for all fairies to enjoy. The event was 12 days long and seemed pretty low-key…until the appearance of a Mystery Box washed up on the shore of the newly released Palm Tree Cove meadow (!!!).

The box was opened by Tinker Bell and other Tinker Talents on April 1, 2009, to reveal a pair of Silly Spectacles (which were free for all pixies to collect without having to complete a quest or anything – weird, I know  😉  ). Kit explained in the Never News that the box had floated all the way to Never Land from a toy store on the Mainland.

There was no mention of mermaids being involved in any way, but several fairies speculated that mermaids had found the box first and couldn’t get it open, so they left it on the beach for the fairies to try. If the mermaids were involved, I’m sure they were pretty bummed to find out a human gag gift was inside…unless we’re talking about Princess Ariel – she collects those sorts of things  😉





March 2010 ~*~ Silly Days

Silly Days came back as a surprise on March 25, 2010, but the event only lasted for 9 days. Unlike the previous year, fairies were not told in advance that Silly Days would be celebrated. Those who entered Pixie Hollow during the event got the following announcement: “Look at what the mermaids left on Palm Tree Cove!” Kit explained in the Never News that something had mysteriously arrived on the beach:

It’s from the mermaids, which is strange because mermaids usually stay far away from Pixie Hollow. If I were you, I’d beware of silly pranks when flying by the cove today!

The mermaids had left what appeared to be a beautiful seashell and pearl necklace. However, it turns out the mermaids were just playing a really mean joke, because whenever a fairy clicked on the “necklace,” it would turn gray and the fairy would get angry a Mermaid Prankster badge. Due to all the complaints Summit Style then released the Mermaid Prank Apology Collection – which included shell necklaces similar to the one the mermaids had left.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time believing that the mermaids actually apologized for their prank. I’m guessing that the Never Council forced Diva Wings to create the Apology Collection for her shop so fairies wouldn’t riot for being tempted by gorgeous jewelry they couldn’t have  😉





March 2011 ~*~ Silly Days & Mermaid Grotto

Silly Days was announced in advance and returned on March 29, 2011. The event lasted almost a week longer than the previous year at a record 15 days! The involvement of mermaids had created so much excitement the previous year that the Famous Fairies wanted this year’s to be extra special. Sweet Pea explained in the Never News that since the mermaids had tricked the fairies last year, Tinker Bell had some silly ideas in mind for this year:

Members, fly over to Tinker’s Nook and help Tink with her quest to make Mainland-inspired gags that will give the mermaids a good dose of the chuckles. And there’s a special reward for it, too — access to mysterious Mermaid Grotto!

Mermaid Grotto was introduced for the first time this year, and the fact that only Members could complete Tink’s quest to obtain the Mermaid Grotto Key caused quite the stir with furious Community Fairies. Mermaid Grotto could be accessed from Palm Tree Cove. Once there, Members could collect four decorative event gifts: Sparkling Yellow Seashell Glasses, Pine Green Seaweed Moustache, Rosetta Red Silly Octo-Hat, and Lettuce Leaf Green Silly Top Hat.

Sweet Pea did point out that there were “silly gags” in Havendish Square for ALL pixies to enjoy, but they got old fast once you clicked them a few times.  On the positive side, the Fairy Tale Theater released a special show called Pixie Hollow Comedy Night that showed at the top of every hour during the event – which was performed by Famous Fairies! It was super awesome  😀




April 2012 ~*~ Silly Days & Mermaid Grotto

Silly Days was celebrated later than usual the following year starting on April 12, 2012. The event lasted 13 days, included the return of Mermaid Grotto and Pixie Hollow Comedy Night, and introduced the Fish Bubble Silly Sweet and visits from the Merfairies. Sweet Pea explained in the Never News how Silvermist was involved this year:

Silvermist’s on a super silly mission to see real-life mermaids. Help her with her quest for Members and get a very special reward – the key to majestic Mermaid Grotto! Once inside the Grotto, pick up a crustaceous disguise and read the signpost to find out how to see a mermaid for yourself and get a badge to prove you saw one.

Silvermist’s Mermaid Mission was, of course, only available for Members. Members who completed Silvermist’s quest were awarded the 2012 Mermaid Grotto Key badge – which allowed them to enter Mermaid Grotto. Once inside, Members could collect three decorative event gifts: Strawberry Red Loony Lobster Mask, Strawberry Red Loony Lobster Top, and Strawberry Red Loony Lobster Bottom.

Members who got 10 Member fairies together in Mermaid Grotto and put up the ♫ singing ♫ emote at the same time would get to see a mermaid and earned the Mermaid Encounter badge. As a special bonus, there were Yellow and Blue Gem Bunches located on the far right-hand side of the Grotto (see my screenshot above).

The Pixie Pal Merfairies were involved in hosting the first ever Merfairy Ball for ALL fairies to attend in Dewdrop Vale! Marina even made an appearance during the ball and picked fairies for a special edition Silly Days Fashion Spotlight.

During the event, Sweet Pea revealed in the Never News that Gavin and Coal were combining their Sparrow Man shops (Gavin’s Gear and Coal’s Clothiers) into one and that Brooks Basics would be remodeled into a new gardening shop:

Coal and Gavin are thrilled to announce that they’re combining their shops – Coal’s Clothiers will become the one-stop shop for Sparrow Man style. […] Be sure to buy anything you’ve had your eye on in Brook’s Basics now, because Brook’s is going in a totally new, plantastic direction.

For garden-talents, Brook’s Garden Supply Shop (and having our own personal gardens at home) was totally awesome, but I hated to see a good clothing shop go  😦




April 2013 ~*~ Mermaid Party

Much to our surprise, Silly Days did not return in 2013. The event had been so overshadowed by Mermaid Grotto that the Never Council decided to introduce a Mermaid Party instead on April 11 that lasted 21 days! Sweet Pea explained the details of the new party in the Never News:

Splash into fun at Pixie Hollow’s first ever Mermaid Party! Here are the fin-tastic activities going on for the rest of the month:

  • Members can go on Silvermist’s “Trouble in the Grotto” quest to earn the key for Mermaid Grotto!

  • All pixies can dive under the sea in the beautiful new play space at Fairy Tale Theater (stop by Cassie’s for awesome costumes!)

  • Visit Mermaid Grotto and sing with your pixie pals to make Mermaids appear and earn a badge!

  • Pick up 5 splashtastic gifts from the mermaids in Mermaid Grotto!

  • Bake special edition Fish Bubble Silly Sweets at Dulcie’s Bakery!

  • Pick up 13 Bubble Trail Silly Sweets in the Ballroom!

  • Get into the mermaid-spirit with the Pixie Pals and Silvermist. Fly-in schedule here!

  • Pick up a water-wise Real World Quest from Kit!

This “event” was basically a regurgitation of last year’s Silly Days/Mermaid Grotto, except the mermaid aspect was amped up to the MAX. Sadly, the Famous Fairies comedy show was axed along with Silly Days, but the theater show was replaced by a really fun and beautiful play called Under the Sea.


Trouble in the Grotto quest was available to Members who visited Silvermist. Members who completed the quest were awarded the 2013 Mermaid Grotto Key badge. Once the quest was completed and the key earned, Mermaid Grotto could be accessed from Palm Tree Cove. Once there, Members could collect five decorative event gifts: Powder Blue Sea Star Lamp, Powder Blue Conch Shell Couch, Powder Blue Driftwood Door Curtains, Powder Blue Driftwood and Shell Curtains, and Powder Blue Seashell Mirror.

Similar to last year but WAY easier, Members who got together with just two other Member fairies in Mermaid Grotto and put up the ♫ singing ♫ emote, earned the 2013 Mermaid Encounter badge. The same mermaids from 2012 were spotted again in the same Grotto locations with no new additions.

The Ballroom was also open during this new event. Members could enter the Ballroom and receive a gift of 13 Bubble Trail Silly Sweets (!!!).



Closing Thoughts

To be completely honest, I never really got super excited for Silly Days until I became a Member in 2012 and got to explore Mermaid Grotto. As a non-Member, it was difficult to get excited for events you couldn’t really participate in. I was always super grateful for the Fairy Tale Theater plays. Even if I couldn’t buy the costumes, I could still read the script and watch others perform. I wish they had more entertainment venues like that in Pixie Hollow – for EVERY fairy to enjoy together.

I can certainly see why the Never Council made the event totally mermaid-themed in the end, because mermaids were crazy-insane popular! I would get the most hits on my blog during the time that Mermaid Grotto was open and shortly thereafter, so I’m sure Pixie Hollow was getting some massive numbers at that time as well.

I was upset that they got rid of Silly Days altogether since it was the whole reason the mermaids even came to Pixie Hollow. I kept hoping that the mermaids would play another prank on us, or that the fairies would play a prank on the mermaids – I mean, wasn’t that the reason for Silly Days?  😉

What are your favorite memories of Silly Days and Mermaid Grotto? Leave me a comment below – I’d love to know ♥



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  1. Personally, I never really celebrated Silly Days, but I did love seeing the Mermaid Grotto during the last month. That lobster costume was just hilarious! 😀

    On a side note: the Clover Celebration is coming up and I’d love to help you with your new section…. 😉


    • LOL – I totally remember laughing my head off seeing all the flying lobsters 😀

      I was just thinking about the Clover Celebration and how it morphed into the Spring Celebration…I’d love for you to help ♥ Feel free to go ahead and cover that event when you get the chance. My only guideline is to follow my layout from this post for yours so that they’ll all have a similar look and flow to them 😉


  2. Posted by Rose on March 14, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    I love Mermaid Grotto and all the gifts they had. Soon my house was like a Mermaid palace.


  3. I loved mermaid grotto! I didn’t really get the point of silly days though, lol!


  4. I too miss them a lot.
    Btw checkout 2 new posts on my blog 😉


  5. I actually saw the Mermaids in the Mermaid Grotto, and even have a picture of one of them. To see it, go to this post of mine:-
    This was the boldest mermaid, the others were too shy to get a picture clicked. 😀


  6. Nice posts Marigold!
    they are really terrific.


  7. I miss Mermaid Grotto so much… thanks for helping me relive the memory, Marigold. 🙂


  8. I have a super-old post from about a year ago about mermaid grotto & silly days here!


  9. Marigold, can you please check out my new page:

    It would mean a lot to me if you read it… 🙂


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