Remembering the Spring Celebration

Spring is here! Clovers are in bloom.. And the meadows are no longer suffering from the weather.

Spring Welcome

Spring Celebration was an event celebrating the arrival of spring to the Mainland. The fairies admired the rainbows that appeared in the spring meadows, and of course, went clover hunting.


Here are some interesting facts you may or may not have known about the Spring Celebration:

Happy SpringMarch 2009 *~* Clover Celebration

The Clover Celebration was released in Pixie Hollow on March 13th, 2009. It was fairly low-key, only lasting 6 days, and included a Clover Hunt, beautifully green meadows, and visits from Rosetta. It was mainly just an event to celebrate the coming of spring, which means green! Lots and lots of green 🙂

Fairies could also collect a new badge by finding Rosetta’s lucky clover. Sweet Pea explained that Rosetta had spent time tending a rare clover to hide in one of the spring meadows, to make an activity for the fairies. It sounds a little iffy to me though – I mean, it’s a rare clover, why would you spend the year growing it just to hide it in a meadow?



March 2010 *~* Spring Clover Celebration

The Clover Celebration’s name was changed to Spring Clover Celebration, and was released on March 2oth, 2010. The event only lasted for 4 days. This year, there was a huge rainstorm beforehand and ruined all the event preparations. The spring meadows were covered with rainclouds and the meadows were gray. The pixies who entered the Hollow during the celebration received the following announcement: “Spring Clover Celebration is here! Find the Golden Clovers to get your badge!”

The clover hunt from the previous year turned into a Golden Clover Hunt, and there were 12 of them. Fairies who found all 12 clovers were awarded the Golden Clover Collector badge.

In honor of the coming of spring, the Ballroom opened to Member fairies – who else? They could enter the Ballroom and pick up a gift, a pair of Really Rainy Boots in Corncob Yellow.

For the first time, the Minister of Spring paid a visit to the pixies in the Ballroom. He also left a gift – a Vine Headband in Never Gold.

Beautiful rainbows sprouted up in every spring meadow. This is about as close as I’ll ever get to seeing a quadruple rainbow. 🙂




March 2011 *~* Spring Celebration

Winter is on its way out, and spring is almost here. Get ready to welcome the glorious green season with a colorful celebration! But first, we have a little problem to solve …

Spring Celebration (which had its name changed… again) returned to Pixie Hollow on March 20th, 2011. The event lasted for 8 days, and as usual, there was trouble before spring. There was a huge drought in Spring Valley! It was only after spring was saved that the celebration could take place, which was probably why it was a little late that year. Players who helped save spring received the badge, Saving Spring.

The Ballroom was opened to the Member fairies and a gift was there to be collected. Surprise, surprise! It was a Corncob Yellow Rain Hat. I don’t understand why they were given a rain hat though. Hadn’t Spring Valley just been through a drought?  There was also a new badge for the Member players, called 2011 Spring Celebration.

But the trouble wasn’t over. The Everblossom, which was introduced for the first time, was wilting. Fairies had to Make Rain in order to save it. They were rewarded with a shiny new badge, Making Rain. Enough fairies made it rain and so, the Everblossom began to bloom again. Afterwards, to say their thanks, Rosetta and the Minister of Spring paid a visit to the fairies in the Ballroom.

Member fairies could fly to the Ballroom and click on the blooming Everblossom. What would happen, you ask? A beautiful display of butterflies would appear.



Ring in Spring

March 2012 *~* Spring Celebration

The Spring Celebration returned on March 20th and lasted until April 1st, a new record. Since the celebration is always jinxed with some kind of problem beforehand, that year, the spring meadows are overgrown with clovers and all the baby animals are lost. Members can pick up a new quest from Fawn to help save the animals.

Again, a Golden Clover hunt was put on for all fairies. Pixies who found all 10 clovers were given the 2012 Golden Clover badge for their Spring 2012 badge collection.

Like every year, the Ballroom was opened to the Member fairies, who could pick up yet another gift there. The Member pixies received a Clover Green Bell Jar Bouquet. The Minister of Spring came out of hiding like he does every spring.. I have a theory that all the Ministers go into hiding when it isn’t their respective season. And the beautiful spring meadows were filled with rainbows.


Golden Clovers

March 2013 *~* Spring Celebration

Here we are at last, the final year of the Spring Celebration. In 2013, this event was released on the 20th of March and lasted 10 days. Beforehand, there was a flood and pixies had to scramble to prepare for spring. Players who flew in between March 5th and March 19th got this message: “Spring Valley’s totally flooded! Iridessa needs your help to clear up the mess!”

A special quest, which was available to Member and Community fairies alike, (weird, I know, but maybe Pixie Hollow finally decided to allow the Community fairies to be included 😉 ) could be completed for the preparations. Pixies began at Rosetta’s and were given a packet of Spring Style seeds.

In honor of the coming celebration, the Ballroom was opened and Members could pick up a pack of Dulcie’s Truffle Seeds. When the flooding arrived, the Minister moved the Everblossom from Spring Valley to the Ballroom, where only Members could admire it’s glory. Ugh, so exclusive. Member fairies could collect an umbrella, meaning that they could be dry when the Community pixies were left sopping in the rain.

Something new that came this year was that players could plant seeds in the Spring meadows. It was costless and interactive, which was new and pretty awesome 😀

All the same as the previous year, a Golden Clover hunt was something all fairies could participate in, Members got a gift in the Ballroom, and got another gift when the Minister came to visit… Yada yada. Although, the gift from the Minister was pretty cool: a Pewter Gray Rainbow Waterfall.


Closing Thoughts

I don’t know, to be honest, it was a pretty small scale event and so I never really got super excited or it. On the Mainland, it’s a pretty big deal since the winter is brutally snowy.. At least, it is where I am. Being a Community fairy myself, there wasn’t all that much I could even do. As Marigold said, it’s hard to get excited for an event you can’t even participate in. Since I became a Member during the summer, the spring not that big a deal.

I definitely liked it better in 2013, when the special quest which I could actually participate in came. Plus, I got a freebie, which I can never refuse 😉 The Golden Clover hunt was a thing I’d spend 10 minutes on, and then just ignore. I wish that the Never Council had put on some sort of production for the coming of spring, maybe with the Ministers. What I found kind of upsetting was that I never really got the chance to meet Tink, Sil, or any of the Ministers, since most of their visits were held in the Ballroom, which I never got to enter because I wasn’t a Member. I was fine without any of the gifts, but what was a little bit of a sore spot for me was that I didn’t really get to meet any of the Famous Fairies.

I did love all the green in the meadows though, especially the year where there was a huge clover growth spurt – I love green! I remember flying to all the shops numerous times and trying on all the spring fashions. Autumn and summer fashions are nice, but my favorite outfits always came in the spring 🙂

Looking back now, all the tragedies that happened before spring were actually pretty funny. Every year, the pixies tried to prepare for the season flawlessly, but every year, something always went wrong. Blame the weather. 😛

What were your favorite memories of spring? Leave me a comment below ♥

~ Minerva ~


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  1. WOO HOO! SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOH!!! Yay! It has been about 7 months of the closing, and the Everblossom just bloomed! Happy Spring everyone!


  2. Spring isn’t just the same without Pixie Hollow… Right now, I want to celebrate by joining the Clover Hunt….. Anyway, Spring has Sprung! Happy Spring to all of you! 😀


  3. Spring is here! I also took a few screenshots of the spring celebration 🙂


  4. It’s great to see how spring was celebrated in the hollow all these years. This post is like awesome. Thanks to Minerva and Marigold 😀


  5. Awesome post, Minerva! 😀
    If you want to cover another memory, let me know 😉


  6. The latest news says that Disney Create is going to be closed soon. It is glitching very badly, and recently Disney cut off 700 of its staff members. Whenever I look at some drawings, it automatically lets me to another Disney page.
    Disney is cruel and it only wants money, money and more money. It just doesn’t care for children all over the world. Millions of users on DC are heart-broken. Though it has not yet been officially announced, I spoke to a Disney Create moderator who revealed that DC will indeed close down slowly, and painfully. 😥


    • Oh, my! This is terrible! I can’t believe they’re shutting it down after such a short period of time 😦

      I think whoever is making the decisions for Disney Interactive obviously doesn’t want to spend time and money fixing programs that are glitchy or are running on unsupported software, so they just close them down and start something different. This is so sad.


    • Oh nooooo! 😦 And just when I was just about to go and try my hand at it! Bad luck, I guess. Better try it out quickly. Didn’t they just release it not too long ago? 😦

      I agree with Marigold when she says that Disney Interactive doesn’t want to deal with glitches. (I guess that was the case with PH, although I did like some of those glitches) Disney really should learn to persevere, because that would make their programs just that much better 🙂 (On another note: Does that mean CP will eventually be shut down as well?)


    • Yes, this is very sad news. Sarah told me that Disney only wants a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and nothing else, and I agree. I won’t be surprised if anything Disney will close sooner or later. Why Disney, why?!? 😥


    • Personally, I’m starting to hate Disney. They are destroying everything! It’s not fair to the people who got laid off. It’s not fair to the kids who love Tinker Bell, Disney Princesses, Cars, and more!
      I know Walt Disney wouldn’t have wanted this to happen.

      And it’s making it worse that they are shutting down Disney Create!


  7. I sent an email to, peppering them with questions about Disney Create, Pixie Hollow and other virtual worlds. I also added that I do enjoy the Disney mobile apps like Frozen Free Fall, Disney Animate and Lost Light. I did get the reply…it just was a one line reply. ‘Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with this query.’ Why? Wasn’t it about Disney Online, at least DC? They sure are avoiding us…we really can’t do anything about this. :/


  8. Hi Minerva! I just added an image and link this post from my Remembering Pixie Hollow page: 🙂

    “Remembering Camp Pixie Dust” and “Remembering the Garden Tea Party” are currently in the works, but would you like to cover “Remembering Animal Mother’s Day”? Let me know 😉


  9. Posted by Elva Aspenpetal on March 31, 2014 at 1:28 am

    How COOL is this. You are a really really really really talented blogger, Marigold!
    Please checkout the page called ‘Find your pixie pals’ I hope it’s helpful


  10. Marigold, I was really busy lately…I am sorry but I will be working on the Camp Pixie Dust post tomorrow, finally! 😀 Thanks! ❤


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