New Disney Beauty and The Beast film?

We’ve had Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and there’s aSleeping Beauty’ reboot called ‘Maleficent’ on the way along with a Kenneth Branagh directed ‘Cinderella’ – now Disney are looking at a live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

beauty and the beast live action

It’s reported ‘The Beast’ will be a slightly darker take on the tale and Disney is in talks with screenwriter Joe Ahearne.

I can’t wait for the news to be confirmed! I totally love Beauty and The Beast! :3

Any thoughts? Tell us in a comment, below. 😀


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  1. How awesome! Can’t wait to hear more!


  2. Wow! This is awesome news, Sarah! 😀 I love Beauty and the Beast ♥


  3. Belle is my favoriate.
    Ready to see.


  4. That is really cool! Do you guys watch that? Sorry i don’t 😦 My parents said i can’t… What is it about? I know its about different fairy tales lol.


  5. Hi Marigold! I would like to give you an idea….
    Almost all the fairies who played Pixie Hollow have visited your blog atleast once. So, how if you put up a ‘ Find your ph friends’ page? Readers could type how they looked and what they normally wore, which meadow and server they were generally on, etc. Many of us will surely find our friends!
    By the way, great post Sarah


  6. Great post, Sarah. I ❤ it. 🙂


  7. Marigold, I understand if you’re busy, but can you please check out my new post? I’m really sorry if you find it…..offensive, but I’m just curious on what people will say. 😦


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