Marigold’s on Pinterest!

This pixie is now on Pinterest!!!  😀

Marigold’s Pinterest Page!


I do A LOT of internet research, and I always come across TONS of awesome stuff that I want to share with my readers, but I can’t always make it work as a blog post or have the time to create banners for my blog’s main page…

…and then I found Pinterest ♥

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it’s like a virtual bulletin board that organizes things you want to pin (or save) from websites.

You can create a FREE account with just your email address, and then you can link it to your Google+, Facebook, or Twitter account if you want.

Follow me on Pinterest to see what I come across next  😉




6 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome! Guess what, some on Pinterest pinned some of my drawings from Disney Create. Unfortunately, they can’t view them now, anymore.
    On the other note, Marigold, Disney’s Million Dollar Arm would be releasing this week, and I have tickets booked. (Okay, I don’t have tickets booked for ALL Disney’s movies in town, so don’t ask me how I get reviews…actually, I have friends who never miss a movie lol)
    Anyway, I would be writing the review as soon as possible after 16th May. Are you okay with it? 😀


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Marigold. I saw your page just now. It’s so attractive 😀


  3. hi marigold (hey we have the same first name) please check out my blog. i am the sister of sapphire rainymist and she told me you are a fantastic person


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