The all new Maleficent Multi-Touch Book is awesome!

By Sarah Diamondswirls

Maleficent is yet to release, with it hitting the theaters this Friday. Meanwhile, let’s check out the all new Multi-Touch Book! 😀


Explore the World of Maleficent with the New Multi-Touch Book

The Maleficent Multi-Touch Book is now available for free, exclusively on iBooks! Fans of Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty will have access to rare content from the Disney Archives, cast and crew interviews, unseen concept art, storyboards, sketches, an interactive Sleeping Beauty timeline, and more. Did we mention this is f-r-e-e? So download away and prepare to be distracted for the remainder of the afternoon. Here is peek at a few of the treasures to be found in the multi-touch book:





Of course, the big event of the week is the film’s release this Friday! Do you have your tickets yet?


As for the last question, I am all ready to visit the theaters this weekend to grab Maleficent! Only a little bit of time to go, and the film releases. I haven’t booked my tickets yet, for I don’t know when it’s releasing here, where I live. No worries, I will have to keep my eyes peeled and check the newspapers daily (which I do, of course) to find out the date. Since my vacations have started, I don’t see why I shouldn’t go and watch the movie. No one can stop me from writing a review here on Marigold’s blog then. *chuckes*

Are you excited for Maleficent? Have you tried out the New Multi-Touch Book? Tell us in a comment, below.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Sarah! Sadly, I only have Android devices, so I can’t get this book through iBooks, but I’m sure it’s awesome 😉

    I can’t wait to see Maleficent!!! Just a few more days… 😀


  2. You’re welcome, Marigold. :-). As for me, I don’t have an Apple device either, but I spoke to some of my friends who had tried this out.
    And yes, only 2 days to go. 🙂


  3. I do have an Apple device but the book is only available in the US store 😦


  4. Sounds fabtastic! Haven’t actually seen Maleficent but it sounds really good…


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