Confessions and Pledges

My Dearest Fairy Friends,

I want to start by apologizing. After reading Sarah Diamondswirl’s blog last week and mulling it over, I want to be honest with myself and admit that I’ve been neglecting my blog more and more over the last several months…

It’s not intentional. I’m not planning to abandon my blog or delete it. No worries there.

The problem is now that Pixie Hollow has been closed for nearly 1 year (closed September 19, 2013), there is less and less to post about…no new fashions, no new games or shops, no events taking place, no visits from the Famous Fairies…

When Pixie Hollow was open, I always had something to post about – even if it was just a summary of the Never News. For me, sharing the latest news and secret codes were important, because they were relevant. Current.

I think many of us bloggers have held back from posting, because we don’t have any news…at least not Pixie Hollow-related. Sure, there are always rumors spreading about the hollow, but I refuse to post about any rumor unless there’s a legit source to back it up. Some hard proof. Otherwise, they’re just lies, and these lies build false hope only to hurt people in the end.

Yes, we could all just post memories of Pixie Hollow, but for me it’s a really painful experience. The reality sinks in and upsets me all over again. It’s too fresh. Too emotional. I’m not saying that I’ll never post memories again, but I’m explaining why I don’t do it more often.

When I found out Pixie Hollow was closing, I was devastated. Pixie Hollow was my life, and I was willing to do whatever it took to keep it from closing. I even started the Pixie Salvation Soldiers to make fairies aware that their voices needed to be heard in order to keep the hollow from closing. Sadly, there just wasn’t enough time to get enough fairies involved for Disney to take notice. Pixie Hollow still closed, as scheduled, and several of us took to contacting Disney directly for answers…and to plead with them.

Several emails, calls, and letters later, I started losing hope on Pixie Hollow reopening. I was getting the same response over and over again about how Disney had no plans to bring Pixie Hollow back but to try their other apps or games instead  -_-

I was so lost and depressed after Pixie Hollow’s closure. I think like many of you, I finally began to accept the fact that Pixie Hollow was not coming back anytime soon, so I busied myself with other things to keep my mind off of the fate of my beloved hollow…

Although I’m not posting on my blog as much as I used to, I still moderate all my blog’s comments and check all my fairy friends’ blogs nearly every single day. I may not always have time to comment, but I “Like” the posts so the authors know I read them, and then I try to come back when I have more time and comment. It’s not a flawless system, but I hope it shows them that I still care.

I still really do miss Pixie Hollow. Terribly. I think about it everyday. I miss everything about the hollow, I miss my friends, and I miss reading the posts from other pixie bloggers. Many of the pixie bloggers have stopped posting and commenting, and some have even abandoned their blogs and seemed to have disappeared altogether. This really saddens me  😦

At the suggestion of a brilliant reader of my blog, I created the LAFF service, because so many fairies had lost their friends and needed help finding them outside of Pixie Hollow. It has been helpful for some fairies, but I think it could be more successful if more fairies talked about it in blogs, forums, and other websites. I can only do so much alone…

Aren’t we all still friends? Don’t we all still care about each other?

I’m telling you right now – I care. I cared then, I care now, and I will continue to care into the future.

Pixie Hollow may be gone, but that doesn’t mean our friendships have to end. We need to keep communicating!

Let’s all pledge to rekindle our fairy friendships and re-strengthen our community by making our presence known.

If you’re a blogger – make an effort to post more often. I’m not asking you to post daily, but set a goal and try to stick with it. Tell your readers your goal and let them hold you accountable. Even short, meaningful posts are better than no posts at all. Show your readers that you care about them.

If you’re a reader – make an effort to “Like” and comment more often. Even a simple “Hi! How are you?” now and then is better than silence. Be encouraging. Be positive. Be a FRIEND.

I pledge to do all the above – as both a blogger and a reader of other blogs. I’ll be posting again soon with my goals  🙂




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  1. I know his you feel 😔 It’s been a year almost since it closed as you said…but I get stupid emails drok Disney ’bout their new stupid club penguin stuff…so ya…sad isn’t it?! They don’t even care!!!!!! 😡😡😡 ILL HATE YOU FOREVER STUPID DISNEY!!! YOU HATE US WE HATE U!!! UGH 😡😡😡😭😭😭😰😰😰😢😢😢😓😓😓😞😞😞😔😔😔 goodbye pixiehollow…forever…we’ll never forget you and the wonderful friends u had in the game….just…I guess I’ve given up 😪


    • Thank you for commenting, Julie 🙂
      I can see that my post hit a nerve. Although the Disney Interactive department is the source of our PH troubles, I think it’s time for us to move away from all this hate and rage. It’s poisoning our friendships. It’s making us stoop to their level. We are better than that, and it’s time that we show them that we can rise above the ashes of Pixie Hollow with our friendships intact ♥


  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ to PH and all my friends…

    I'll love you forever and that'll never change, but fit Disney of course…NO…I'll hate DISNEY forever and that won't change no matter what if they do or don't reopen u PH and bring my pals to life again. They killed us and you PH so I won't forgive, sry DISNEY…but it's what u deserve! 😡


  3. Exactly how I feel, Marigold.
    Basically, we have nothing to post about. But we may go around other blogs and post occasionally, can’t we?
    Secondly, I want all the Pixie bloggers to post something like this, It will just show that they still are there, and they care.
    I am perterbed by all this’d but I want this to come to an end now.
    It’s high time we unite. We would soon be celebrating ( not exactly celebrating) PH’s 1 year announced anniversary.
    I want all of us to be together then. All bloggers and readers.


    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention with your post, Sarah. It really upset me to realize that our once strong PH community is so weak. So small now. I am hoping that my pledge and goal posts will encourage other pixie bloggers to unite and set goals for themselves that they will share in a post.


  4. What a beautiful post :’) I think this really represents how we all feel.
    I’ll definitely do my best to pledge as well.

    We will definitely need to organize a get-together of some kind.. Build up our strong pixie bonds again, right? 😉



    • Thank you, Minerva 🙂 I did put a lot of thought into this before posting.
      A get together would be awesome…the whole time zone thing seems to always be an issue though…I’ll be thinking of ideas 😉


    • The time zones would indeed be a huge problems, Minerva. And how are we going to do it? Is anyone really going to come? I mean, two-three people may come, but will everyone would?
      I had experienced similar situations during Julie’s party, No one was there,
      So, we need to sketch ideas out.


  5. Marigold, you summed up the whole situation beautifully. Thank you for expressing what I couldn’t find the words to say.

    I would be interested in a meet-up, but I doubt it would work with the crazy time zones….


    • Thank you, Sunrise 🙂 It was a difficult post to write, but I felt very strongly about rekindling our fairy friendships, so I had to do it.

      The time zone situation has always been a problem for a live meet up to happen for everyone…I’m working on some suggestions. I’ll post about them soon!


  6. I feel like I’ve been running away of the fact that Pixie Hollow has been closed and the fact that it’s probably not going to come back. It takes real courage of finally saying that it’s not coming back and I always never had the courage to say that. There hasn’t been anything I wan’t to post on my blog but your blog just helped me realized of what I’ve been hiding from all along. Thank you for such a great post…


  7. Posted by Crystal Watershimmer on September 4, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    Marigold….this is such a beautiful post and really true too. This is the exact feeling I have these days…..
    I pledge to everything you want the readers and bloggers to pledge for 🙂
    Although I don’t have time to blog anymore. I will still be here reading and commenting on posts 🙂
    I know I had disappeared completely a few weeks ago, but I want to say I’m back!!!!! I’m back because I really missed you all a lot.
    And as for the get-together thing, I’m open to it I would love to have a get-together after this huge disappearing act of us fairies. Nut I do have a request,.can this get-together be after this Wednesday? I would really appreciate it and try my best to come 🙂

    Crystal ❤


  8. Posted by Jade VanillaFlash on September 5, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    I pledge to read every blog as often as I can!
    I don’t have a blog though…


  9. Posted by Jade VanillaFlash on September 7, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    So, it’s 12 days until the anniversary of the closing.
    We’re still here! I s’pose I was wrong. (which is good)
    We should post special posts to honor PH.
    I will comment on each one.
    We love you PH, and we miss you dearly.


  10. Posted by Mary on September 8, 2014 at 11:49 am

    Nice blog. 🙂
    I was Rosemary on Pixie Hollow, but you can call me Mary.
    I love your remembering Pixie Hollow posts and the movie reviews. Do you write the reviews?


  11. Posted by Daisybelle on September 9, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    I totally understand how you feel, Marigold! ❤
    I feel the exact same way these days as well. -Sigh-. The only most active part of the Pixie Hollow community (besides this blog and some others) is Pixie Hollow Forums, that is why I go there a lot. But that is still not enough people! I want the WHOLE Pixie Hollow community to stay alive and together. When Pixie Hollow was open, there were so many Pixies with YouTube accounts who have posted many videos, but I don't see ANY of that anymore after the closure. Because of that, Pixie Hollow isn't bright, alive, and visible anymore…..but I KNOW it will be. ❤
    I was thinking we could have one specific place where all of Pixie Hollow could meet up on.
    Recently, I've started a blog because I believe there is more to Pixie Hollow than just the virtual world. In my blog, I will post crafts, and just other things Pixie Hollow (I will post the link to it soon after I'm done making it 😉 ).

    Also, I KNOW we shouldn't give up on making Pixie Hollow reopen! We should still work together!



    • Thank you, Daisybelle 🙂 I know what you mean about the PH forums and only a few blogs still being active…I hope the anniversary of PH’s closure will bring the community back together…
      Your blog sounds so creative and unique! Please let me know the link as soon as it’s ready ♥


  12. Posted by carrie tuliptwist on September 15, 2014 at 12:10 am

    i haven’t really been looking at blogs for ages but i really want the hollow to come back and i will comment and like as a reader and i love love love your post its a real eye opener we will fight for the hollow forever is a strong word and how can Disney ignore all this we cant cant give up don’t lose hope 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂


  13. Posted by carrie tuliptwist on September 15, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    yep i wouldn’t miss it for the world 🙂


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