Christmas Reunion!

Please join us for the Christmas Reunion! 😀
♥ Marigold

Sarah's Adventures

Hello, Fairy Friends! Sarah here. 🙂

I hope everyone has been doing well. ^^ I have been quite busy juggling school and projects and homework recently and the result- I haven’t posted since weeks!

I apologize to you all for this. :O

It’s winter already, and it looks like everyone has gone into hibernation. Well then, pixie pals, here is an excuse for waking up again…

Banner by Crystal Airshine Banner by Crystal Airshine

Yes, a Christmas Reunion! This shall be our second re-union, and all pixies are invited! 😀

And, this one is supposed to be better, and go smoothly. :3

And the best thing? We are actually meeting for a joyous reason- Christmas! (By the way, as you read this, do notice the snow falling down the page. )

Please, please, do come! I don’t want to coerce anyone, but you must come, really. We want to reminisce all the memories that…

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