Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my wonderful fairy friends!


If Pixie Hollow were still open, we would all be celebrating the 2014 Winter Wonderland Party, so I wanted to dress up for the occasion and take all of you on a magical trip down memory lane…

Party Sign



The arrival of winter was always super exciting in Pixie Hollow, because it meant visits from the glamorous Minister of Winter, the return of the spectacular Ice Palace (always a crowd favorite), the Fairy Tale Theater transformed into a winter bakery, indoor snow activities were offered in the Ballroom, and did I mention all the gifts?


Let’s start by all of us gathering at the Fairy Tale Theater to eat yummy holiday treats:

FTT Xmas

Once we’ve stuffed ourselves silly, let’s fly out to Havendish Square and light all the lanterns to give it that warm candlelit glow:


Since it’s Christmas (and I’m dreaming big), I will grant every fairy Member privileges, so let’s all go to the Ballroom to build snowmen and have friendly snowball fights:


Once we’ve warmed our wings by the fire, let’s fly to Snowcap Glade for ice skating…and maybe a game or two of Pinecone Pop:


Now that we’ve burnt off all that energy, let’s slowly make our way over to Chilly Falls while gazing at the glistening lights:

Chilly Falls 2012

Finally, let’s all gather inside the majestic Ice Palace to decorate the gigantic Christmas Tree, sing carols, and open gifts together:

Ice Palace 2012

My gifts to all of you would be this gorgeous Winter Gown:

Gift 1

Designed by Eric Reimer

An exclusive, invitation-only sneak peek at Sapphire Iceflame’s new shop – Sapphire’s Secret Treasures:

Winter Boutique

And, my biggest gift that’s happening for REAL for all of you on this blog is…drumroll, please…

The return of celebrating Pixie Hollow contests and events! 😀

Art Month

We’re going to begin January 2015 by celebrating the all new Fairy Fashion Art Festival. This event will feature clothes and accessories created by fairies like you! To have your art featured, please email images and your fairy name to

I’m hoping this event will be well received so that my guest authors and I will have the motivation to keep the events and contests going all year…your comments and participation would be VERY encouraging…*hint*hint*

Also, I have some awesome news I couldn’t wait to share…I have managed to secure a very special guest for Silly Days 2015


Artwork by MissMikopete

Mermaid Grotto will feature an exclusive visit by Queen Elsa!

What events and contests are you looking forward to??? Please let me know in a comment below 🙂

♥ Marigold


24 responses to this post.

  1. Merry Christmas, Marigold! 😀

    I loved the post.

    I am not really looking forward to events- Hollow is not here, you know.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays!

    See ya!



  2. Merry Christmas Marigold! 🙂 I hope you’re having a lovely holiday so far.
    I think your idea of bringing the Pixie Hollow celebrations and contests back is well, fantabulous!

    I would definitely be interested in participating if time permits, which it probably should, after exams. If you or any other guest author would like some help, I would be happy to help, if y’all just ask. 🙂



    • Thank you so much, Minerva! 😀
      I could definitely use some help – especially in the art aspect of things. I’ll email you soon 😉
      I’ll explain my event ideas in a post soon, maybe post some polls to see what readers want, and recruit an event committee to help keep things running smoothly…this is definitely a work in progress.
      ❤ Marigold


  3. Posted by Carrie Tuliptwist on December 26, 2014 at 4:02 am

    Merry Christmas 🙂 ! Thank you for posting that lovely post it felt like i was in pixie hollow 🙂 😀


  4. What a fantastic idea! Also, great post. I really enjoyed!!!


  5. Merry late Christmas guys. I will never forget PH. Looking at the pics almost makes me wanna cry since I miss PH so much. 😦 🙂


  6. Hi all,

    Just a reminder of the Christmas reunion which has NOW STARTED!!!! 😀

    Please swing by one of the chat logs (Crystal AirShine’s and Minerva’s) and/or virtual worlds (My Worlize World and Fantage) to celebrate with us!

    I love this post – I’m going to try and make a pixie with that winter themed dress now 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


  7. Hi Marigold! Meery Christmas! 😀
    Thanks for making such a heart-warming post! ^_^ Believe it or not, I had never seen the Hollow during Christmas o.O …Honeslty i have no idea why ?;_:
    P.S:The whole Queen Elsa thing sounds intresting. 😛 I’m curious to see what you have in mind 🙂


    • Hi, Crystal! Thank you 😀
      I’m so sorry that you missed Christmastime in the Hollow, because it really was wonderful…I hope my post gave you a good overview of the festivities, though.
      Yes, the events I have planned are pretty exciting 😉 I will be posting more about them soon.
      ♥ Marigold


  8. Posted by Charlotte Rainyglimmer on December 30, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Merry Xmas to Marigold and all of my fairy friends. i loved this post, it really made my heart warm remembering what a great place PH used to be. I’m now going to make some hot chocolate and decide which Tinkerbell movie I’m going to watch. xoxoxoxo Char


  9. Oh my, that looks so much fun!!:( Although I was hardly any active in Pixie Hollow(more information on the first post on my blog), I would like to be a part of the commitee if there’s still any need for that. I have a board on Pinterest where I’ve gathered a lot of Disney fairies pictures, some of which I could use for backgrounds etc. I suppose. Or you could maybe send me some. Anyway, I do have some Photoshop skills and would be able to manipulate and add fonts and vignettes etc.


    • Hi, Tessa! Thank you so much for commenting here and sharing that you have started a new blog 🙂 I have added a link to your pixie page in my sidebar 😉
      My 2015 Events Committee is currently full, but I really appreciate your interest. If I am in need of your talents, I will be sure to contact you 🙂
      I look forward to seeing more comments and posts from you, and welcome to the Pixie Blogging Community!
      ♥ Marigold


  10. Posted by Snowflake Fancypuff on September 28, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    OOOO…. LOVE this post too!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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